[Game] Kings at Knicks, Sunday Nov. 3, 3 PM PST/6PM EST

We have a great chance to keep the good vibes rolling! I’d love to see us run an actual varied offense here. We have the talent to run them outta the gym, so i hope we don’t drop the ball.

Literally. Limit turnovers and we have a great shot to win big
This is a game where we build on previous steps taken. Is the effort still there? Are they trusting each other an playing for one another? Did offensive execution get better even though ever so slightly? Are they still communicating on defense? Individually: has Dedmon gained some confidence with that 3 falling? Has Buddy taken a deep breath and will he let the game come to him. Is Bogdan's good shooting back for good?
Its not battle for last place, its either an incremental step forward or a big step back.


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Despite the opponent it's a tough schedule game. Play late Friday and then basically a second game a day and half later after a cross country trip in a different time zone.

Hopefully, they can bring energy and focus, but I wouldn't be putting a lot of $ on this game.
The Kings haven't played well but when you take into account the Kings schedule with the fact that they went to freaking India in preseason it's such BS!


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This is going to be an interesting match up. The Knicks are one of those small baller type teams but they are huge in the back court and big enough along the front line that they really don't look like it. Walton might have to play more Ariza and Barnes together.
Bring the effort and enthusiasm and the Kings can be in lots of games at the end. It takes team defense, rebounding and sharing the ball on offense.
The numbers lean NYK. NYK is a significantly better rebounding (23% better on off boards; 15% better on def boards) team, and shoots a better 3PT %. Both teams are black holes--averaging 17% less assists per game than the league average. Get ready for a ton of ugly ISO ball. That said, it's early. The sample size is small. Pulling for the Kings.

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I love the MSG cameras - they actually get our purple right.

Edit: Never mind. It was evidently one of the sideline cameras. The main camera is still nearly blue.