Kings announce 2022 preseason schedule

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Unrelated to the pregame schedule but related to the tweet...

If you check the official rules of the opening day Guess The Opponent tickets sweepstakes, they specifically state that people who live within 75 miles of either San Francisco or Los Angeles are ineligible to win. According to Google Maps, the straight-line distance between G1C and the Chase Center is 74.00 miles.

Woodland and Davis? Out of luck.
West Sac? Downtown? Midtown (except for the extreme NE corner)? You guys are Warriors fans.
Any built-up part of greater Sac south of both 50 and 16? Sorry, Land Park! Sorry, Oak Park! Sorry, Florin, and Pocket, and Fair Oaks!
Lodi? Nope.
Stockton? Thanks for hosting our G-League team, you traitors!
Manteca? Ripon? LOL.
Northwest Modesto? Screw you.
Rest of Modesto? You're cool. Also you guys in Natomas. We want to party with you.

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