Kings 2022-2023 Schedule release

#33 precisely why I can never understand the "hoopla" surrounding the schedule release...It's not like football, where you don't always have the same schedule from one year to the next. Sure, the order of the games are different, but you're always playing the same teams, the same number of times, but just not in the same order.
no you aren’t. The Northwest and Southwest divisions alternate.
I have a strong feeling they will surprise us and be hovering just over .500 the first month of the season.

Maybe I'm just hoping. I'm probably just hoping.
I really don't know. I think we are a better team with more talent and complimentary pieces than previous years, should have better player application than last year, and better coaching. But then where is the gap in the western conference? The competition is so tough.

I'll go out on a limb and say they'll punch the NBA and it's media in the face and finish 7 in the west but I'm a fan and I can't blame the cynics for any disagreement.