KF - Official Fantasy Football League - 2018

Our league has been renewed. You should have received an email. I have one spot opened. Please let me know asap if you would like to join. This is actually an 8 team league, however if I can get a total of 3 more people to join, then I would like this to be a 10 team league.
I need 1 more person to make an EVEN number in my league. Yahoo will not accept an ODD team, therefore if you know anyone that would like to join, please let me know ASAP


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Once I get one more person, I will schedule a date / time. Please let's not wait to long otherwise the good date/time will be taken.
You can schedule the draft day and time with an odd number of teams. They just won't let you actually draft if your league isn't full.
Ok, we have an even number in our league. Thanks Mike. I still would like to have 2 more people to make it a 10 team league so if you are interested please reply here. The only thing I ask is if you are active in this league.
I sent an email yesterday regarding the draft time. We already have one vote for September 1st. If you have any other dates, please let me know either by responding to this thread or in our league. I will need to know by tomorrow so that I can get a good time. Thanks
Did your 8th person ever sign up or did they change their minds and just decide not to? The seven teams there are all the folks from last year.

Maybe someone from the BigDog league who isn't in this one wants a second chance this year?
Yea, the person did sign up, however he dropped out. Yea, I will put a comment in VF's thread. C'mon people, we need ONE more person before tomorrow....one hour before the draft, which is at 10:00a.m.
Looking forward to drafting in a few minutes.

Thanks for volunteering @chief bromden. Looks like you didn't make it in time for the draft but if you're anything like me that might increase your chances. :p
Ah shoot, I thought it was tomorrow for some reason... and you are right uolj, autodrafting may actually give me a chance considering my number of championships when I attend the draft! :D


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I would like to relinquish my team in this league. If anyone is interested in taking it, please let me or Rockmeister know.