KD or another NAME SF to the Kings? (split)

Yeah but u sorta phrased it like a supply and demand thing. I'm pretty sure in a real KD-to-the-Kings scenario KD would name his terms and $$$ and Vlade would say where do i sign up!
This fanbase is starved for positive national attention. One positive comment from KD sets off a frenzy of what-if-he-came-here talk. That's a lot more fun to think about than whether or not we are just being played again. I'm cynical enough after the way the Kings have been viewed over years that I'll wait until it's a real possibility before I start fantasizing.
You guys really should listen to all of his podcasts with Simmons. He really lays out his approach. First, he does not care about his perceived legacy with fans. He will not be going anywhere to resurrect his image. He cares how other ballers perceive him, but not fans. He is a basketball junkie that sometimes has too much time on his hands and peruses r/nba like other junkies, but he ultimately doesn’t care about his legacy.

KD’s top priority is to play “good” ball-movement basketball with a good group of guys and a solid, no-BS coach. In this latest podcast he singled out the exact two up-and-comers as I have been predicting he would be intrigued by: Clippers and Kings. Disclaimer—this was a conversation about teams he liked, not free agency destinations. While KD is from the East Coast, he’s not an East Coast type of dude. He’s never played on the East Coast post-HS. Market size is irrelevant. He’s KD, opportunities will come, especially if he’s just picking between the CA teams. Either way he’ll be close to his tech investments and CA media centers. Both the Kings and Clippers (ironically) have small local media footprints that are team friendly.

He loves Fox and really likes Joerger and WCS. He loves the NorCal/Bay lifestyle. I think we have a real chance. Both the Kings and Clippers have squads full of basketball junkies who are easy to get along with. The Clips twin pursuit of Kawhi might actually complicate them getting KD. I’m not sure Kawhi is a personality fit with KD, and if Kawhi lands in LA he’s going to be very focused on life outside of basketball.

The most important thing for KD: the basketball would be really, really fun with the Kings.
KD will never come here, but I appreciate his positive statements about us all the same. The team is definitely changing the national narrative about us one negative person at a time and having one of the best players in the league and future hall of famer say things like that will only help.

We don’t need a KD anyway (though I wouldn’t mind him to say the least). We have our leader in Fox and our future leading scorer in Bagley. We have our shooter in Hield and our playmaker and leader of the bench mob in Bogdan. What we need from the 3 spot is a defensive leader and a good shooter so they can’t run Buddy off the line as much.
Also, just want to add, I think KD will leave because he is anxious to take on a mentorship role more than anything. Developing the next generation is very important to him—again, he’s a basketball junkie. He’s a guy that will never be far from the game. Anyway, the Knicks get thrown around a lot, but Porzingis/Knox/Hardaway just don’t seem like his type of dudes, especially Porzingis. That would be an odd fit. Fox/Buddy/Bagley/Bogi or Harris/SGA/Harrell are KD’s type of guys—just straight ballers, all of them.


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im Not sure who we can add that will. It disrupt the chemistry. A lot of homework needs to be done in choosing a player and players traded to make sure it is improved upon
Was just telling a buddy last night how I would have to swallow hard, burn some sage, throw up a little... and then embrace KD if it went that way. I mean he's a good basketball. But I hate him so much omg it would hurt to get my head around him being my guy.
Yep. I cant stand KD. He is at the top of the hate list re Warriors. God.

Anyway karma for having boogie for next to nothing