Jabari Parker

Much has been said about Bjelica and his “back spasms” and “personal issues” that have kept him out, while we all had a feeling he had fallen out of the rotation. I’ve been surprised Jabari Parker has flew under the radar, no one mentions him being away from the team and to my knowledge I haven’t seen him listed on the injury report, did we tell him to stay home ya think?
I agree with Reverend. It sure seems like Jabari could help us out. I think he’s a nice 3/4 combo forward that could give Barnes a break and maybe add some spark and toughness in the paint.
Especially with our current losing streak, and apparent funk the team seems to be in, a guy like Jabari, a number 2 pick, a 25 year old, would be worth giving some serious minutes to.
Parker is stricktly a 4 nowadays, way too slow to play any minutes at the 3. Bagley is a 4 same as Bjelica who is better than Parker and on top of that our best lineups often are the ones with Barnes at the 4 (which is probably his best position). Hard to find minutes for Parker without a lot of injuries. Also I would much rather see Woodard getting minutes at 4 rather than Parker.
No reason not to see what he can offer. I know the answer is very likely a resounding “NOTHING!” but it doesn’t hurt to try.
He is rusty as a nail in Bricklayers gazebo, but looks good otherwise. Can handle the rock, post up game. Got that sky-hook in his back pocket!
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