How fast do single-game tickets sell out?

Hello all,
I might get to experience a Kings game for the second time in over ten years.
Single-game tickets just came out recently and I am so far looking for lower level tickets in the sub $100 range. On the Ticketmaster site I've seen games with ticket prices for the lower level (lower bowl) that start in that range such as $62, $77, $84, and $92.
My key question here I was hoping I could get your help with is how long, roughly, approximately, would availability for these kinds of tickets last?
What has typically happened in recent years?
Would they sell out within hours of single-game tickets first being advertised as available? Would they sell out in days? Would they sell out in weeks?
I have a friend who follows the Kings and might want to go. Thus, so far at this time, it would be the two of us attending the game.
The dates of the games we're considering are:
  • 12/16 (Sat) vs. UTA ($92)
  • 03/31 (Sun) vs. UTA ($77)
  • 12/14 (Thurs) vs. OKC ($84)
  • 04/11 (Thurs) vs. NOP ($77)
We will not be attending all four. Instead, we're trying to choose just one game. But I don't want the opportunity to disappear from under us. So I'm wondering how long we have to make a decision before those tickets are no longer available.
Thank you for your help!
There are a lot of factors that go into this, to be perfectly honest with you. Who is the opponent? How are both teams playing? Does the opponent roster a player that is "must see"? What time of the day is the game (specifically for the Saturday and Sunday games)?

Based on the 4 games you have selected, I would imagine that you would still be able to snatch some reasonably priced tickets a week or two before each game, but if you truly want to commit yourself, and ensure that you will be watching the game of your choice, I'd look into purchasing your tickets early. There might also be the slight chance that, in the days leading up to each game, ticket prices take a decline in hopes of selling more seats.

Do keep in mind, however, that the best seats usually don't last too terribly long, so if you're wanting to get seats as close to the action as you can, get them early. If you wait too long, you will most likely be stuck with corner seats, seats behind either basket, or seats in the upper bowl.