Harrison Barnes and the Hardnose Crew

Not even close. Even with a relatively stringent requirement of 500 FGA, there have been 165 seasons at a FTr of .600 or better. Dwight Howard was over .750 nine different times. The all-time top FTr (min 500 FGAs) was put up by DeAndre Jordan, with a pretty silly 1.219.

Now, true, Jordan/Howard were getting hack-a-shaqed, but nobody was intentionally fouling Cedric Maxwell ('78-'79: FTr .886, FT% .802) or Corey Maggette ('06-'07: FTr .783, FT% .820), and plenty of those 165 seasons were earned "honestly". Even our own Kevin Martin had a season of .650 FTr.
Welp, lol. I stand corrected for assuming something with no basis.

Still, .408 FTr is very, very good, which is the point I was trying to make. Gives us some much needed options when the shots aren't falling in the half-court.
Bagley was in the 26th percentile last year from the post. He would have to show a lot of improvement in that area for teams to start doubling him.
Teams were doubling him last year. Especially after all star break. I don't know what else to say on this.

But I'm happy we are seeing what HB can do for this team, which is fill in the gaps. Whatever the gaps may be at any particular time.