Glenn Robinson III

i was hoping glenn robinson III over RHJ. It was either a cheap SF that shoots the 3 and was a decent defender vs a good defender that didnt shoot the 3 well, but would have been fine with either on a cheap/minimum deal. Just kinda wish we would have gotten these guys (whiteside, frank, GR3) on 2 year deals with a team option for the 2nd year. That way if they end up playing well, we have them for another year. We take a gamble on them, we reap some future benefits if it pays off, instead of them auditioning with us and getting a big payday somewhere else.
Agreed. We're signing these guys on the minimum with no hope of playoffs. This is like getting excited about 2nd round draft picks every year.

Yes, I guess it's possible Bagley returns fully healthy and Fox and Bagley blow up while Buddy returns to form and Giles Barnes offers something steady. If all that happened, it wouldn't be the worst thing.
Not to mention these guys are decent low minute role players at best, not exactly guys you rely on to win you games. Us winning games and competing in the West will be because Haliburton hits the ground running, Fox finally gets his 3 point shot to be consistent, Bagley is healthy and learned to play defense and use his right hand, Buddy goes back to playing how he did twos seasons ago, and everyone buys into Walton. If all that happens I doubt anyone here will care about where we end up in the draft.
C: Whiteside, Holmes
PF: Bagley, Bjelly
SF: Barnes, GR III
SG: Hield, DQJ
PG: Fox, Haliburton

Fox or Bagley needs to be a reliable 3pt shooter if we want our best 5 starting.
Holmes > Whiteside to start, I imagine.

And, whoever's at the 5, they REALLY need Bjelica alongside for spacing and passing.

Truth is that unless MB comes back with a much-improved 3-ball (and, even then, do you really want that guy camping out all game above the 3?), it's hard to see how the 4-5 combo of Bagley, Holmes and Whiteside shares the floor happily on the offensive end. Bjelly and Bagley could work together nicely, but defensively.... yikes.

Let's hope Haliburton can earn real minutes early - for his own development, but also because this team is in serious need of a secondary ballhandler and playmaker next to Fox.
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Glenn Robinson III's contract with the Sacramento Kings is guaranteed for just $100,000, becoming fully guaranteed on the league-wide guarantee date of 2/27/21.

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Glenn Robinson III got less guaranteed money for 2020-21 than several second round picks and a whole bunch of veteran players. I remain highly confused that there wasn't more of a market for a player who averaged 11.7 PPG and shot 39% from deep.