Finally A competent front office

I have been a Kings fan since they moved here. Lots of years ago. I was especially excited when the Kings started getting good after we got Geoff Petrie here. I wasnt sure about moving Richmond for Webber to be honest but it did not take me long to see how well he built a great team with vlade, Peja, Chris, Bobby Jackson, jason, the trade for bibby. Those were great years.
I hope we get to see the same kind of thing right now and I really think we will. It will be especially exciting for younger fans who have never got to experience this and for us old timers to relive it once again.
I was hoping for Vlade to make a difference big time. but as much as I loved vlade and Peja as players it was nice to see the team move on with and choose a qualified General manager.
Good times are ahead Kings fans. And congrats go to Vivek he may have made lots of bad decisions in the past but he seems to have learned from them