Buddy's got heart

Buddy is a stud, bottom line. The guy is scoring lights out. He's been incredibly efficient for a SG. Hitting 44% from downtown as of tonight.

That Cousins trade, which was once viewed as awful, now looks incredible.

We got Hield, and then used the pick to trade down for Jackson and GILES.

Meanwhile, full tank mode was on without Cuz which landed us in a position to draft Fox.

Check this out:

Buddy doesn't have the number of attempts as a lot of the others guys -- of course he's only been in the league for 2 1/2 seasons -- but his efficiency is near the top of the list. Looks like only Steph and Korver have been better. Of course Korver is a spot shooter and doesn't bring much else to the table.

Pretty impressive. And goes to show how important #24 really is.