Bucks Trade In Jeopardy: Bogi Didn’t Agree Go to the Bucks

It would be hilarious if the result of the investigation was Atlanta complaining about something rightfully ok between MIL and SAC lead to SAC losing a player for nothing and they had to give us picks.

Yes, this is pretty much WWE fantasy booking. I don't care. I'm steamed.
I what is the reason again why a S&T is not feasible with ATL?
I am so salty about this right now it has crushed my mellow. We're very close to finding out what words make it past the swear filters. 9 months of social distance frustration is getting the best of me with all the things I want to do to ATL, Bogi, the stupid agent, and MIL for that matter. And if Giannis signed with the Lakers I wouldn't even be mad, I'd just laugh.


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Look at it this way, let Bogi go and it frees up the ability to eventually go get someone else in free agency. Wait until Bogi goes 4 games in a row of sucking before putting together a good game.


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Us Kings fans tend to wildly overrate our own. I have no idea how the power of Bogi has managed to permeate into the rest of the NBA. A big contract for him just blows my mind.
It's just souring all the good feels about draft day, through absolutely no fault of our own. But still. When an agent decides to screw teams over there should be penalties. And this guy has a pretty blatant track record of reneging on handshake deals just to get a few extra bucks on signing day.
Brother in law heard the deal was Bledsoe/Picks, then MIL did the holiday deal then Bogi camp felt this was a bait and switch and backed out. Kings got doubly F”d

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ok but why can they not do a S&T?? I don’t get it
In principle, we could do a S&T with Atlanta. Basically, Atlanta has two choices. 1) Make an offer sheet outright, and hope that the Kings won't match. 2) Come to an agreement with Bogi, but don't actually sign an offer sheet. Tell the Kings you intend to sign an offer sheet, and ask if the Kings would be interested in doing a S&T instead.

The reason #2 happens is because teams with RFAs who don't necessarily want to keep their players (this is a perfect example, with Hield in place to take up some of Bogi's playing time) will sometimes still match an offer, with the intention of trading the player down the line for *something* rather than getting nothing at all.

But if Atlanta takes route #1, and we match the offer sheet, then for a year we can't trade him to Atlanta at all, or to anywhere else without his permission. Just the rules.
They could. But if the Hawks can sign him to an offer sheet that they think the Kings won't match then they get Bogi without having to give up an asset.

The only reason to do a sign & trade from the Hawks perspective is to eliminate the possibility of the Kings matching.
The Hawks are loaded with picks and guys on first contracts so they can pretty much do this just to F with us too. I hate them right now. Also because if we weren't going to pick Doncic we should have stolen all Dallas's picks from them.
Atlanta doesn't have to. Kings would have to work out a sign and trade before an offer sheet is given. There is no incentive for ATL to do that.
The incentive is the kings not matching and tying up cap space during the deciding period.

They would have to over pay from what point they think the kings will match.
The incentive is the kings not matching and tying up cap space during the deciding period.

They would have to over pay from what point they think the kings will match.
yeah, the question is whether it is worth, say, Huerter and/or a pick, for Atlanta to have Bogi at $15-17 million a year versus an offer designed to scare the Kings off.