Break it

Maybe Fox's age and playing against professionals has something to do with him not being aggressive. Amirite?
I think it's a little of both. He is not being used to his strengths. A lot of this is personnel, and has a chance to be rectified with some moves. In addition, Fox is a young, YOUNG PG just beginning to find his way at the top level of competition. For example, you can see when he pushes he is still adjusting to trying to use his speed with NBA hands swiping at the ball. This is often how he turns it over, many times bringing his dribble so low while moving so fast, he loses it.

We need time, and we have plenty of that with Fox.


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so you made a thread on proclaiming how right you were after three straight lopsided losses?

Look, the word playoffs and the Kings have no business being in the same conversation. Anyone saying otherwise were on a cloud they didn't want to come down from.

No one expected much of anything in terms of wins and losses but we did want to see development from the youth and so far we've seen it mostly from Trill and Bogs. Mason has shown glimpses and Skal has too but his leash is the shortest of all the players so we see glimpses.

Too many posters are calling for a coaching change and that is a typical overreaction from Kings fans, to be honest, at this rate, he might quit before his extension is up. The look on his face says it all on the sideline.
Too many posters calling for a coaching change? I think you're exaggerating but...just to make it interesting, I'm going to create (wait for it) A POLL!