Barnes and Boston

Vivek wants to win with a coach that has a 4-13 run to his name since Feb. 9th. after having a 2-9 stretch near the start of the season. A single 7-1 stretch in the middle shouldn't breed confidence. Not enough to gamble like this. Look at the bubble run Vivek. Take your head out of your backside and look at the guy you're putting your chips behind here. Fox will have to destroy himself to get past the stumbling block of a coach you have running things.
Drafting in the top 5 gives a team an opportunity to get a player that can succeed in any situation. Superstar talent can be found later in the draft, but it requires cultivating and developing that talent. The more solid the organization is from top to bottom, the better chance they can get the most out of the talent outside of the top 5. A poorly run organization can also just as easily run a guy with tons of potential right out of the league and it will appear as though it was the player's own fault.

This team really does need the kind of player who will succeed despite the poor culture in this organization. Those guys are hard to find, even within the top 5. They shouldn't have to draft the next Lebron just to get the 8th seed.
I certainly don’t know what goes on in the heads of this ownership/management, but hey if Vivek wants to play competitive then at least make it interesting. Lose Walton, Joseph, Bjelica now. Don’t trade Barnes, Buddy, or Bagley unless it’s a foreseeable long term upgrade. Play the youth and go down fighting while gathering valuable experience.
Nothing profound, nothing earth shattering, just make this make sense.

Celtics trade flow chart:
1. celtics are interested in a player/
2. Team player is on gives terms of a deal.
3. Chronic asset hoarder Danny Ainge refuses to part with a middling pick or player.
4. Other team balks.
5. Trade doesn’t happen.
6. Rinse, repeat.
As a fan it has to hurt knowing this is the same guy that had the guts to build the first in their prime big 3.

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OK, so maybe I'm not the greatest talent evaluator, but I take Barnes over Gordon, Barnes seems to be a better fit for the Celtics roster, and Barnes has an extra year on his contract at about the same $$. If Orlando is pushing for TWO picks for Gordon saying that one pick and a youngster won't get it done, then Boston better not turn around and offer us ONE pick and a youngster for Barnes.