Are raw materials for a good team already in place? (split)

The young players 2 years from now will look much improved with growth.

PG- Fox and Mason are going to be a quality combo. In 2 years, Fox will be 21-22 and on his way
SG- Bogdanovich is the starter and he's good. All around game on both sides of the ball. Hield is the 6th man who can score. The worry is Mason and Hield's defense. They are not good.
SF- unsure about Jackson but can see him as a backup....need a guy here
PF- hope its Giles....we will find out. Skal is a backup for me due to poor defense
C- WCS keeps improving, I think he can be the starter but not THE guy. Papa is a backup unless he can improve his defense

If we could add a franchise player at SF it would get interesting.....and of course, if Giles lived up to the hype.
I am leaning towards: No: 65 Percent/ Yes: 35 Percent. Currently.

That could change with the youth making strides, trades, free agency, and this years draft.

PG: Fox and Mason. Hopefully, Fox will be at least above average in a couple years. I don't see star quality. But, hoping he makes a big leap from season 1 and next year. Mason's petite frame will relegate him to no more than a back up. Has looked terrible the last month.
SG: Both Hield and Bogdan are above average. But, considering their age. Bogdan 26 next year and Hield 25. Neither have much more ceiling. Neither will be an All Star. I would be surprised if both are here, by the time the Kings start competing for a playoff run.
SF: A Mess. Nobody. Jackson is so lost out there. I cannot see him as a starter. Kings desperately need to draft, trade, or get a Free agent
PF: Another Big Question Mark: Giles is the X factor. Skal really has to amp up his D. We'll see if there's improvement in the second half of the season and next year.
C: WCS: Has the physical tools. Mental? Not so sure? Plays inconsistent D and does not rebound very well. Can score. Not a Fan of Papa. Greg Ostertag is all I see.