He's coming from Overtime Elite? I thought that was a pro program? Aren't the twins being paid a large sum?

Isa Silva who is a current sophomore at Stanford was on Andrej's Jesuit high school team.
Yeah the twins are. OTE has an option now where they dont pay the players instead they just give them scholarships so they maintain college/NIL eligibility, its how they've landed some of the biggest names in future classes.

big fan of Silva!

With any luck this 7 foot sophomore they have will turn out good n it'll be a balanced attack.
I thought Andrej had a pretty strong showing at the Hoops Summit. It was a good / competitive game though super sloppy and really Team USA couldnt shoot the 3 with any proficiency. Lots of very talented players got like 3-7 minutes while Andrej got 20, so he must've impressed in practice.

He's got a giant smile! Always looks like he's having a good time out there.

The young Stojakovic looks comfortable with his back turned, n doing all sorts of spin moves into finishes, has good balance n some natural scoring instincts.

Quick release on the shot (which is kind of necessary given his release point).

Thought he played just as well as Zaccherie Richaser whos projected a top5 pick in 2024.

Michael Nwoko sorta stole the show for the International squad far as I'm concerned. Miami's landed themselves a real 3-star sleeper with him.
Someday soon Andrej might be of some use to our beloved Kings ya know..

His skillset seems to exist right in the middle of Huerter and Keegan Murray, he's more of a pure SF, though I guess when you say things like that these days it implies he's limited in some way but I dont mean it like that, lets see how he defends and deals with the physicality of older competition first.
Isa Silva x-ferred to Long Beach State and Harrison Ingram x-ferred to North Carolina, should pave the way for more minutes for Stanfords 2 bigtime freshman in Andrej and Kanaan Carlyle
Wasn't Isa Silva part of why he went to Stanford? Both Jesbos.
probably but this is how things work in 2023. The list of quality players moving around in the portal is truly something to behold.

That being said Siva had an underwhelming 2 years at stanford and a fresh start somewhere with a guaranteed starting job is probably best for his development.

Carlyle doesnt project as a 4 year college player we'll see how long he needs but theres still also lots of big names in the portal looking for landing spots so we'll see if Stanford can land any.


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Jesuit posted their signing day photos today. Didn't look like Peja was in the pics with his son. Also looks like Papa Roach singer's kid signed a football scholarship. Stupid stuff I know about current families as a 30+ year alumnus.


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I had wondered what might happen after they sacked the coach. Almost asked here last week but I think just had a DM conversation on twitter about it with a friend instead. I guess that's the answer.

Even though I'm Cats first, and did my studies in Boston, I am still very high on Stanford as a degree granting institution it's probably my favorite school. I imagine Andrej still hopes to play in the association some day so the degree may not be a consideration.