AD requests trade (merged/split from CTDWAT)

Have to agree with this. If that offer is true, the Lakers offered the kitchen sink. I admire NO for saying no, but they're not going to get a better offer. That is a huge amount to give up for anyone.
If the offer is/was true. In this case that's a huge IF. There's been a good number of contradictory reports. All of the players offered then reports that there was a choice from that list. Communications between the teams contrasting with one-sided talk.

I'm not putting a lot of stock in any of it or at least the accuracy of the reporting.
Ball (1st round pick)
Ingram (1st round pick)
Kuzma (Late 1st round)
First round pick (top 10 protection)
First round pick (top 10 protection)
Solo Hill cap space


Kuzma super 6th man off the bench.
Zubac off the bench + others

That's a good start to me, plus the picks.
That lineup gets you maybe 10th in the West? Who wins if that lineup played 10 games against the current New Orleans squad? Maybe 5-5 or 4-6 either way? Doesn't really move the needle for New Orleans, but AD moves the needle a lot for the Lakers (at least in the short run).
If the Lakers in fact offered this, it's outrageous. Even for Anthony Davis, that's a huge overpay. Two picks, two guys drafted at #2 within the last three years, Kuzma, Zubac, Hart...AND salary relief? Basically, if the Pelicans turned that offer down and I'm the Lakers, that offer NEVER gets back on the table. Not even close. My offer at this point drops to Kuzma, Ingram, one pick, and no salary relief. Passing on this double-Godfather deal is, to me, dealing in bad faith. To the point that I would probably never call the current Pelicans FO on a trade call again, and may not answer the phone if they called.
Couldn't access the article, but the trade scenarios I have read do not include either Zubac or Hart. Even if they do, the Pelicans can't take on 5 new guys, unless they want to become Lakers 2017-18 South.