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    And then I had to look him up. Dude was ahead of his time.
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    Or the car was named after a band?
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    Kobe Bryant held an invite only camp. Fox and Buddy invited

    If you had not responded to off topic comment, then I wouldn't have had that comment to respond to. Chicken or the egg, what came first. I do not want to go into the topic I responded to, too political. Just wanted to give food for thought. Each their own.
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    Kobe Bryant held an invite only camp. Fox and Buddy invited

    ALL drugs have side effects, including mild ones like caffeine. And different people have different sensitivity to any given one. The pharmacist gives what the doctor orders. And just because the doctor orders it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing even if it does make us feel better...
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    Cousins to Lakers

    You are correct. That old saying, two wrongs don't make a right sometimes goes deeper, there is no right just wrong.
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    Congrats to Boogie Cousins, who got married yesterday.

    Best luck to him and his beautiful bride. More to life than basketball.
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    Former KINGS Omri Casspi signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv for 3 years!

    Always liked him. Best luck to his future endeavors.
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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    Yes, maybe no. Cash calls are liquid assets. I'm hoping for the best. I wouldn't make a bet either way.
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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    A willingness and ability don't always go together. Vivek is managing partner but doesn't have majority ownership. Going back to the relocation saga, Vivek was a big fish not a whale. In terms of willingness to spend, arguments could be made both ways. We will find out when push comes to shove.
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    Trevor Ariza 2 years $25 mil

    Huge waste of money? They had to hit the floor either way and had to hit floor to get exception for Holmes.
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    Kings hire Joe Dumars as front office advisor

    Perhaps it is now a price they are willing to pay for more favorable press. Dumars got favorable press despite the status of team diminished according to a prior post. Valid take?
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    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    Analytics are a useful tool and being able to correctly assess with the eye a valuable skill. I think if you prefer statistics the eye should verify the numbers. If you prefer the eye the statistics should confirm what you see. If they don't, you better dig deeper for explanation why. My two...
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    The All-Purpose LOL Lakers thread

    When has it ever been not easy when it starts as a given?
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    Clint Capela may be available

    True, but do the Rockets? They are in the media constantly with what they are planning. Whether or not those reports have any validity is a separate question.
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    Grade the Kings draft

    I voted "C," so I guess that puts me on Team C. Should've voted incomplete but that wasn't an option. I was disappointed that there wasn't a trade with Oklahoma but apparently they were asking for more than what was reported. I can understand some of the reported reasons given, don't know if...