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    I would like to thank the cashiers, clerks and store personnel in "essential" businesses that are still manning their places. These are often the under appreciated and under paid employees that are taken for granted. I applaud them.
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    I thought some might find interesting. Hand sanitizer has become a scarce commodity. Some of the distilleries have moved to producing it. The one I was first aware of was not for individual sale but providing in bulk form free to their local community. The distillery reached out to local...
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    Hopefully my State will do something similar. Currently not enough tests ..... Our official numbers are nothing like California's or New York's.
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    Buddy gone?

    But again, the team is in the driver's seat at the moment. If they trade him, I would think it would be be for team's need, not his wants. However, I think there has been a least a couple times that Vlade has done just that. Done a solid for the player rather than team and been crucified for...
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    Buddy gone?

    Not sure. It is possible that he is more likely to reach his incentives, playing mostly against the other teams 2nd string and still getting starter's minutes.
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    Buddy gone?

    And why exactly would the Kings do that?
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    Kings need to move on from Barnes.

    And that could help him to be good with it also.
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    [NEW] Things that Grant says...

    Wasn't Malone a casualty from Pete's reign?
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    Still defending Vlade? (split from game thread)

    No. Until he looks in the mirror and accepts his part, he hasn't learned anything. Just rinse and repeat.
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    It's all Vivek's fault (split)

    That is less than I thought. Difference might be the percentage of what was bought (being sold) versus entire ownership. Have to wonder about the fine print. How do they handle cash calls? How do they handle if shares go up for sale? I can easily see a unstable organization with politics...
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    What's gonna happen when Holmes, Parker, Bagley come back?

    That is true. But I think it was Petrie who said, he's a King until he's not a King. Blank slate and hope for the best.
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    What's gonna happen when Holmes, Parker, Bagley come back?

    Sometimes people change after being served a heaping helping of humble pie.
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    Glad we are winning but this team is going to be rock bottom of the West next year

    One person's reality is another person's fiction.
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    [Game] Kings v. Spurs - Saturday, Feb. 9 - 7PT/10ET

    What team? The hockey team in San Antonio?
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    Kings trade Dedmon for Parker and Len (merged)

    It does. But context matters. Petrie was a loyal man. Just have to remember who he was serving. Not what.