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    Bogdan for our pick

    His/Her reason for not wanting to do the trade was "because you have no guarantees at all what that pick will become." This should never be a reason for turning down a trade as I illustrated with my reference to trading him for the #1 overall pick. It's all about risk. Is the risk of the...
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    Bogdan for our pick

    This whole “it’s not a guarantee” argument is very lazy. We get it. Drafting a player is not a guarantee. However, the pick being a question mark does not mean it’s a non-starter. If it was, that would mean you wouldn’t trade Bogdan for the #1 overall pick which is ridiculous. If in the off...
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    Bogdan for our pick

    Pretty easy yes from me. I love Bogdan and his game, but we're still in search of our franchise players. Below is a list of impact stats for this season. Take notice of where Bogdanovic is compared to everyone else on our team. All of you wouldn't trade a 25 year old (26 at the start of next...
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    Summer Plans

    So you would like him to work on his traveling? ;)
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    Who would you trade to get Doncic? (split)

    It depends on who else is available at 7. For instance if Porter slips to 7, I might have a hard time doing that, but if he's gone, I'd easily make that trade.
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    DeAaron Fox - meeting expectations?

    Like Fox doesn't have an opportunity to grab rebounds with Cauley-Stein anchoring the paint :rolleyes: *Per 100 Poss Scoring & shooting efficiency are the only two areas that Fox is beating Lonzo at this year. That's it. Even despite Lonzo's shooting efficiency, he still is posting a positive...
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    Updated who would you pick, after Ayton Doncic

    I'm not a big supporter of drafting "best player available." A lot of what dictates "best player available" is if you have a situation and environment to develop that player to even reach their potential. Having Fox & Young/Sexton could very well derail development and put the Kings in a...
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    Willie Cauley-Stein

    I don't think any fans who can't see Giles play on a regular basis are ready to pin their hopes on Giles. That's just logical. However, the whole notion (not necessarily you) that we can't move Cauley-Stein until we know what we have in Giles is ridiculous. We could have nothing but old...
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    Who do you want, if the Kings pick #6 to #8 overall in the draft?

    If the Kings' pick lands in this range, the Kings top interest should be Porter. Porter has the highest ceiling of players that could be available in this range, and not only would he have the highest ceiling, he is a hypothetical great fit with our current roster (big SF/small-ball PF...
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    Willie Cauley-Stein

    I'd like to see Cauley-Stein moved. I don't think he's our long term answer at C, and I'd rather get value for him now rather than losing him for nothing or overpaying him. I like the idea as Giles as our future C (obviously we'll have to see how he looks next year and if he's durable enough)...
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    Trading this years #1.

    No thanks. Wiggins impact stats are awful for someone who is making as much as he is. I'd rather have the cap savings, the ability to have a player under contract for 8-9 years (if I choose), and the potential to draft a player who can actually impact the game in a way that will help his team win.
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    Looking forward past 2019 (split)

    I think this is why we disagree then. There are certainly players in this draft I would swap for Bogdanovic. It doesn't mean I don't like Bogdanoic or that I don't value him, I just think a potential franchise cornerstone like Ayton or Doncic is way more valuable than Bogdanovic.
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    Looking forward past 2019 (split)

    I don't think anyone is really saying to trade him now. My hypothetical decision to move him is talking about 2-3 years from now, but let me ask you this... Would you trade Bogdan Bogdanovic for Deandre Ayton?
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    Looking forward past 2019 (split)

    Care to elaborate? I thought it was a pretty good comparison: *per 100 possessions
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    Looking forward past 2019 (split)

    I don't know what you mean by the first sentence. I'm replying to "You don't trade your number 1 guy in hopes of positioning yourself to land someone who you HOPE becomes your FUTURE number 1 guy." I'm saying you do. And my Jimmy Butler example lays that out pretty clearly. You know what's a...