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    [WEST] Playoffs - Round 1

    I agree. However, I have lost count of how many times I have heard around here that it would be better to lose and get a high draft pick than to get swept in the first round of the playoffs.
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    If Porter drops to 7

    Here's an interesting article on Porter.
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    Following 2018 draftees

    Way to go out on a limb. :p
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    If Porter drops to 7

    It comes down to his medicals. It doctors think he comes back completely healthy, then you take if he is there (depending on who else is there). If it is something likely to bother him for his whole career, then you pass.
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    Fox named as Kings rep for draft lottery

    I have never heard how he came by his nickname, but it is more than likely that it didn't come from him. Most nicknames come from either your teammates or those you play against.
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    Bogdan for our pick

    I know you are being sarcastic, but I agree it was always a false point of view. Pretrovic averaged 7.6 pts as a rookie, 10.2 pts in year 2, 20.6 pts in year 3 and 22.3 pts in year 4. It is a shame he died so young. Marciulionis averaged 12.1 pts as a rookie, 10.9 pts in year 2, 18.9 pts in...
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    Bogdan for our pick

    The best examples of successful players coming from outside the NBA are Manu Ginobli, Drazen Pretrovic and Sarunas Marciulionis. All three stared hitting their stride in their 3rd seasons. All three started their NBA careers at the age of 25.
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    If we are 9 or 10 do you trade out

    If you see any scout talk about his job, they always mention background of a prospect as the most important aspect. Jerry Reynolds has mentioned more than once that talking to the coaches, teachers, family and friends was extremely important.
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    What are you reading?

    Fun, entertaining read. They never quite do it justice when trying to turn it into a movie.
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    Who cost the Kings ping pong balls?

    It's not about sophistication or east coast vs west coast (I've lived on both). The truth is that most fans know about their team and not much else other than stars. I would argue that King's fans tend to be more knowledgeable than most, but that could be bias on my part. It takes a lot of...
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    Who cost the Kings ping pong balls?

    I have been a STH in the past and known many over the years (of many teams), and I have found that the majority of people attending games are not as rabid as the fans you find on forums. Most go to games to be entertained and often have a basic knowledge of the game in general (star players and...
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    Who cost the Kings ping pong balls?

    Actually, Vlade made it clear during the press conference that the Kings decided mid season to give the young players more playing time. They wanted to give them opportunities to play more and see how they do in different situations. He said nothing about tanking. Now it is kind of hard to...
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    Who are your picks if the Kings win a top 3 pick in the Draft Lottery?

    I picked Doncic, Ayton and Jackson. I could easily switch Bagley with Jackson.
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    If we are 9 or 10 do you trade out

    In college Mitchell was almost strictly a two foot leaper, which tends to limit you somewhat as a guard when finishing around the rim. He got to the NBA and was leaping off of one foot all of thr sudden. Completely changes how you would guard a player or rate a prospect.
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    Season End - Kings news/interviews etc.

    I know. In the 2nd half of the season (35 games), WCS averaged 13.9 pts, 2.5 asts, 1.2 stls, 1.0 blks and 7.7 rbs in 30 mins a game. Still not where I want him, but solid numbers overall. The biggest knock on him was he dropped to 61% from the FT line. He needs to get that to over 70% IMO.