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    KingsFans Fantasy Basketball

    Is this identical to yahoo h2h league, but only for Kingsfans members, except 2 more BN spots and no daily changes? I have teams there in my second season, but i might jump inhere with one. Whats the rule when player gets injured, and do you calculate FG% and FT% but comparing total number of...
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    [KINGS] Comments about the Kings that don't warrant their own thread

    I've just read a rumor Kokoskov might be taking over Serbian national team
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    Tyler Lydon

    I like the fact he spent two years in denver system
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    Next head coach candidates

    I imagine Zeljko Obradovic as a head coach. just for fun. For you not familiar with him, he is the best international basketball coach ever, most trophies. Now realistically I doubt that will ever happen even if only him is concerned, for there would be a big chance he fails in some way and then...
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    Bogi's Slump

    I have him on my fantasy team, season ends next week.. he is not playing great, but has a lot of games these days and I hesitate trading him... i feel he is gonna have few good games soon
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    The Road to catching the Spurs

    i guess i cheer for 42 wins
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    The Road to catching the Spurs

    who won tiebraker between kings and utah?
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    The Road to catching the Spurs

    so we basically need 3 less loses than spurs, 4 than clippers and 4/5? than jazz? I guess there is a chance. I'll just watch game by game and hope for a last few games decide situation
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    Tracking former Kings players

    I think he is kind of guy that needs extra time to get himself aclimatized to new surrounding and gain that self-confident... I believe he will have a good next season
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (FEB)

    tnx derozan
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    The Road to catching the Spurs

    it's great time to be a kings fan... looking at all of these opponents and say: it's achiavable... i'm also a suns fan, and as i expected this kind of success for kings prior to this season, I am expecting something very similar for suns next season
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    [Game] Kings @ Warriors - Thursday, Feb. 21 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    I would like KD here... Oppose to most of other fans, I like KD and his personality
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    AD requests trade

    I would boo AD if he signed for my team
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    2019 NBA All-Star Weekend Events (merged)

    hield, curry or book
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    Kings trade Skal for Caleb Swanigan

    now we have a Biggie too... so he already fits... Bogi to Biggie