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    Who should get the minutes when the games return?

    Marvin Bagley III Harrison Barnes Kent Bazemore Nemanja Bjelica Bogdan Bogdanovic De'Aaron Fox Harry Giles III Buddy Hield Richaun Holmes Cory Joseph I believe all of these guys get's minutes next season, while they are still in Sacramento. Maybe will be different if this season continues...
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    Kings trade Dedmon for Parker and Len (merged)

    i like Jabari. He's also 24
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    Dedmon Wants Trade

    i feel deadmon and bogi/buddy to lakers for kuzma and caruso/rondo
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    Kings do not pick up Giles and Caleb team options for next year!

    people here behave like Giles has proved anything and he is worth taking a roster spot, not to mention that kid has obviously some serious injury issues... giving a chance is ok. that was a risky move and not all risky moves turn out successful.. moving away from failed risky move is perfectly...
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    Bogdanovic reportedly unhappy as a bench player

    bogdan should take a shooter role. his ability to create should be used only situationally, when concrete attack brings up that as a logical perfect thing to be done. he would be more effective and less TO. Same situation is with Bjelica. Focus on shooting, defense and offensive rebounds. But it...
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    Last Roster Spot

    I love Kings roster
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    Domantas Sabonis

    Sabonis should be paid a lot. Around 100 mil 4 years. There's no place for another center at Kings. That brings Giles into conversation if there is any. Sabas is 22, he can be brought in as part of the core. Hield and Giles for Sabas and something more, maybe pick.. Harry is unproven and injury...
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    KingsFans Fantasy Basketball

    Is this identical to yahoo h2h league, but only for Kingsfans members, except 2 more BN spots and no daily changes? I have teams there in my second season, but i might jump inhere with one. Whats the rule when player gets injured, and do you calculate FG% and FT% but comparing total number of...
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    [KINGS] Comments about the Kings that don't warrant their own thread

    I've just read a rumor Kokoskov might be taking over Serbian national team
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    Tyler Lydon

    I like the fact he spent two years in denver system
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    Next head coach candidates

    I imagine Zeljko Obradovic as a head coach. just for fun. For you not familiar with him, he is the best international basketball coach ever, most trophies. Now realistically I doubt that will ever happen even if only him is concerned, for there would be a big chance he fails in some way and then...
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    Bogi's Slump

    I have him on my fantasy team, season ends next week.. he is not playing great, but has a lot of games these days and I hesitate trading him... i feel he is gonna have few good games soon
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    The Road to catching the Spurs

    i guess i cheer for 42 wins
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    The Road to catching the Spurs

    who won tiebraker between kings and utah?
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    The Road to catching the Spurs

    so we basically need 3 less loses than spurs, 4 than clippers and 4/5? than jazz? I guess there is a chance. I'll just watch game by game and hope for a last few games decide situation