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    Letting Holmes walk.

    I really like Holmes. It seems like he disappears against opponents with Biggs that are bigger than him. I would keep him for sure if we have some other kryptonite for teams that rebound really well. We are worst in the league at rebounding. Worst in the league at points allowed. How do they...
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    Bagley’s worth now

    I think Bagley has looked like a different player since he got back from his injury. He looks bigger physically and has a lot more energy on the court. It's nice to see. We have him under contract next year. That is starting to look like a good thing. Let's see if he keeps on the same path going...
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    Kings Convert Metu to a Full Contract

    I'm a bit worried about Metu. That was a wierd accident had had the other night. He made a strange body movement that led to the fall. When he broke his arm it was very unusual also.
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    Marvin Bagley unbreaks hand!

    I couldn't imagine a more disappointing draft pick. He charmed Vlade so we would pick him second. Then he has been injured constantly and his family acts as if the Kings screwed him somehow. I would be really surprised if Bagley amounts to anything in this league the way things have gone so far...
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    2021 Draft prospects

    Kispert is the one guy who really jumps out at me. He just looks like a big time player. But I've fallen for these Jimmer types before. The centers that are available look really raw and under developed IMO. Koofi Cockburn looks like he could be Shaq 2.0. But no one seems to think he is even...
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    2021 Draft prospects

    I know it's a bit early. But I'm looking at the draft. Is it just me or does the draft look a bit weak? It is heavy on guards very light on Centers and Power Forwards. I feel we need a Center for the future. We could also use a PF and maybe a SF. What do you guys see here?
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    Fire Walton

    I dont see Gentry as a plan for our future. Firing a coach mid season is Kangs. Ride it out to the end of the season. Firing anyone now just makes things worse.
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    [Game] Kings at Timberwolves, 4/5/2021, 4 PM Pacific 7PM Eastern

    Something is strange the way our team is throwing up bricks the way they have been the last four games. I don't understand the Jekyll and Hyde personality of this team. We are better than we look now. I think the losses against the Spurs and Lakers showed that we need a real rebounder who can...
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    Kings interested in trading for John Collins.

    Since I did not see this here, I will post it. What do you all think?
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    TOP SECRET: Please don't read if you are Adam Silver or currently list the NBA as your employer.

    As has been said in the past. We cant stay the course. Reset after reset. Hopefully we have better talent evaluation now.
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    State of the Kings Pre-trade Deadline Edition

    It's pretty clear this team is tanking. No sense fretting over it. Half the forum was expecting to tank. What makes it suck is the potential we saw a couple of times this season. I think this is a borderline playoff team right now if we were trying to win. But that is not going to happen this...
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    Top 5 Forum Scapegoats

    That could be fun having IT back. His pizza commercials where good. Not like the current one.
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    Top 5 Forum Scapegoats

    My number one is IT because he was such a good player. He left all he had on the floor. But a lot of people here hated him. He left and made a run in the playoffs. Unfortunately he got hurt and he is out of the league. Unfortunately this Kings season is just like all the others.
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    Fire Walton

    Why is anyone complaining about Buddy at this point? Ya he's not the kind of player who will carry the team. But he is a great shooter and his defense has improved. He turns the ball over sometimes but he makes up for that by getting turnovers himself. Really, who could we get to replace him...
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    The Closed Cojo Thread

    There is nothing like the cumbia feeling of an "I hate someone" thread. Great job everyone!