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    The State of the Kings

    I just want to wish everyone here the best of luck going forwards. I’ve decided to step away from watching and supporting the Kings. I’ve been a fan since 12 years old, but I can’t justify doing this to myself anymore. I understand ups and downs, it’s only natural, but it’s just been “down” for...
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    [Game] Kings @ Grizzlies - 28 FEB - 5PT/8ET

    Minutes away from 4-0. Oh well.
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    [Game] Kings @ Grizzlies - 28 FEB - 5PT/8ET

    Assuming we can even hang on to the ball long enough to get fouled.
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    [Game] Kings @ Grizzlies - 28 FEB - 5PT/8ET

    This team man. Why can’t we just close a game out? Why must we always shoot ourselves in the foot?
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    Buddy Hield wins NBA 3 Point Shootout!

    Highlight of the season
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    Kings trade Dedmon for Parker and Len (merged)

    He’s on his way out of the league.
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    RIP Kobe - tributes and condolences

    My condolences to the Bryant family. I’m sick to my stomach with this news and it just keeps getting worse with the death toll rising. Kids lives lost. Spouses lost. A tragedy in every sense of the word. RIP Kobe, Gianna and all those who lost their lives.
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    Pick Watch (aka Tank Talk 2020)

    Well I’m done watching for the season. So yup time to talk about picks! Not sure what good that will do though as we generally suck at drafting, but it’s far more exciting than any Kings game as of late.
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    Is Buddy uncoachable? (Moved from Fox thread)

    I have to say I agree. He’s worn out his welcome and he’s definitely not the team guy he pretends to be.
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    Marquese Chriss?

    I mean I was only joking initially. I didn’t like Chriss much from day one as a player so I’m not surprised he’s out of the league or on his way out.
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    Marquese Chriss?

    Luka calling Adam Silver: Luka: “He pushed me!” Silver: “Say no more, I got you fam” —Warriors waive Chriss
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    Buddy Hield: Kings have trust issues

    Not the first time Buddy has acted like this. He’s really going to get himself a one way ticket out of here, which is fine with me. There’s one thing I don’t tolerate and it’s stuff like this. You’re not Lebron or Kobe or Jordan that the team can put up with this kind of behavior. Vlade traded...
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    What comes before picking up the tempo?

    Playing fast is easy for these guys. They have done it since an early age and have done it in the NBA. As we found out last season though, when teams began to take away the fast pace, we faltered big time. We are not a disciplined team yet in the half court and it shows. Some nights defense is...
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    [Game] Kings @ Hornets - Tuesday, Dec. 17 - 4PT, 7ET (Return of the Fox)

    Damn I feel bad for the 9th guy who has to be cut in half in order to play...
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    [Game] Kings @ Hornets - Tuesday, Dec. 17 - 4PT, 7ET (Return of the Fox)

    Can we just try Bagley and Holmes together and see what happens? This is ugly anyway might as well give it a shot.