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    Report: Kings trade Temple to Grizzlies for McLemore, Davis Didn’t know where to post this but found it super funny and wanted to share. While Benny Mac is a nice kid and it doesn’t feel particularly good to laugh at his aspirations, I can’t...
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    Iman Shumpert

    SLAB I always thought highly of you as a recognizable user around here, maybe it’s the Sam Cassell avi...but saying Iman serves no purpose on this team is shoddy analysis in my honest opinion. Whether it’s solid defense, a little athleticism, or the ability to knock down shots at a decent clip...
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    Trading Our Cap Space

    Which begs the question then of whether we should be rushing anything...? I think as one user put it that cap space is going to look better towards the trade deadline when a team that’s paying luxury tax nosedives and looks to cut its losses.
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    Temple Traded for Ben McLemore and Deyonte Davis (merged)

    Who else is starting to worry this guy [Ben] might be here to stay for the season...?
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    Kings sign Yogi Ferrell for 2years/$6.2M

    Groan. Let’s hope not
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    Grade the Kings off-season so far

    If we’re going to count Vlades losses (the Philly trade) then let’s be fair and objective and count his wins (the Boogie trade). I will give you the Philly trade being a loss. Giving up that pick could have and may still prove to be catastrophic but he has set us up with some pieces to work with...
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    Free Agency Thread

    Yeah I’m not a big fan of taking on Wiggins but I guess it depends on who we’re getting rid of and if any picks are coming back. I’d be more comfortable letting Bogie or Buddy try their hand at 3 while JJ grows into that role and be patient with the cap space than panick and commit to such a...
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    Free Agency Thread

    Who said this rumors going around
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    Kings sign Yogi Ferrell for 2years/$6.2M

    His shot sure is pretty. Gonna be fun watching him and Buddy rain down 3’s
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    Free Agency Thread

    Or this lol
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    Free Agency Thread

    This is a good get for us if he signs here. Looks to be a better passing Ryan Anderson, and this team can always use shooters around Fox and Bogie.
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    Buddy Hield

    And just think, two years ago many of us scoffed (myself included) at him being the centerpiece of the deal we made for our franchise player. Buddy’s trajectory so far has been perfect for where he’s at in his career, is he ready to take that next step? There was an article the other day on STR...
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    Future of Willie Cauley-Stein?

    But Buddy showed solid improvement all year long, Fox spent the season trying to figure out how to run an NBA offense but had moments of brilliance and was clutch, and Bogie was our best player.
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    Future of Willie Cauley-Stein?

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    Future of Willie Cauley-Stein?

    Baja, I always appreciate your insight about hoops but let’s agree that referring back to a players performance during tank SZN is not always helpful. We thought Skal was ready to break out after how he closed out the season a couple years ago and that proved to be due to the decline in effort...