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    [Game] Friday morning game

    Alright let’s relax now, Richaun Holmes is still on the roster
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    Harry been workin

    Is that you, Aileen ?
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    The All-Purpose LOL Lakers thread

    What a clown show lmfao
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    Follow Kings players in FIBA World Cup games

    He dunks over LeBron in the playoffs and national media started to hail him as the second coming, lol gimme a break
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    Projected rotation

    Easy on Bill (& pot honestly) he has been around for years as a semi regular guest on commentary, don’t see that coming to a halt with Luke at the helm now.
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    Cousins to Lakers

    If it wasn’t before today’s new, it most certainly is now.
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    De’Aaron promoted to Team USA Main Roster.

    To be fair...Bogie is a little older with more wear and tear on those knees and hasn’t had a summer off in like three summers. That’s the issue not playing for the national team
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    Kings add more asst coaches

    The work he does with Justin James oughta be interesting
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    Vegas Summer League (split)

    He might be entering his prime too
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    Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

    Yeah this loser doesn’t deserve to start on a fringe play off team like ours, hard to envision a scenario where he plays big minutes for a team with championship aspirations with the effort he gives. Good riddance once and for all
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    2019 Free Agency tracking thread

    Him with Rudy could be interesting again
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    Kings summer league

    Guy ceiling is jimmer
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    Kings sign Richaun Holmes 2/10

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    Kings sign Richaun Holmes 2/10

    This. Makes me think with Ded being able to spread the floor for us, Bjelica may become expendable and a moveable piece for us toward the trade deadline
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    2019 NBA Draft thread

    This didn’t even occur to me...