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    Mock Draft Kings #2 lists
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    Mock Draft Kings #2 lists

    Probably right. There's always intrigue of the 2nd round. Where we find according to one mock... 37. Kings: Donte DiVincenzo, G, Villanova | So.
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    Would you trade #2 and a young player (Buddy/Bogi/WCS/Skal/JJ) for Kawhi?

    Kawhi Leonard incredibly talented NBA player - top 10 talent easily. As a great two-way player I'd say top 6-7. But for me proposed trade is a no go for one big reason. Leonard is not a team leader, not even a silent leader. Basically keeps mostly to himself and is strangely...
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    Mock Draft Kings #2 lists
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    Mock Draft Kings #2 lists
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    We're #2! (merged)

    If our #2 pick has talent like other Kings franchise #2 picks, Otis Birdsong (great name!), prolific mid-range scorer who virtually invented quick step back shot (deserves to be in HOF) or Maurice Stokes (HOFer) we'll have incredible gem. Phil Ford saw talented NBA career collapse when became...
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    We're #2! (merged)

    Let Bahamian mania begin! DeAndre Ayton and Buddy Hield and a new Golden era in Sactown!
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    We're #2! (merged)

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    We're #2! (merged)

    #1 or #2 or #3 - WOWWOWWOW!!!
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    Lebron James

    To put it mildly or wildly, exceptionally talented point guard.
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    Omri Casspi with the Dubs

    Omri Casspi waived by Golden State - tough luck.
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    [Game] Kings v. Mavericks - March 27, 2018 - 7 PT

    I prefer to call the unis Powder Blue. Baby Blue sounds like just another Kings slight. Color fine with me.
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    Ben McLemore - should we have kept him? (split)

    Hells bells, Kings choose McLemore #7 2013 NBA Draft with Vivek squealing, fist pumping in war room! Could instead had The Greek Freak who went #15!!! And Kings knew about Giannis having scouted him. Probably as good or better inside connection than most NBA franchises with Greek-Serbian...
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    [Game] Kings v. Celtics - Sunday, March 25 - 3 PT

    I can watch both just induces vertigo. One (NCAA) on 34" PC monitor and off at other side (Kings) on 32" TV. Whiplash back and forth.
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    [Game] Kings v. Celtics - Sunday, March 25 - 3 PT

    Hard for me to watch this meaningless Kings game with Kansas - Duke barn burner at the moment to fill out last spot in March Madness Final Four. But should be able to catch near the end of Kings - Celts.