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    All-Time Sacramento Kings team

    That five is hilarious, maybe could only be topped by starting list most obscure Sac Kings or cup of coffee and gone. How about starting with the immortal, incomparable Lloyd Swee’ Pea Danielso_O
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    At least two week hiatus, then resume NBA season?
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    Adam Silver is first and foremost a corporate and entertainment LAWYER. He assessed the risk and determined to act so not cause liability to his corporate employer or to the union member employees.
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    [Game] Kings v. Pelicans - Wednesday, March 11 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    BREAKING NEWS: In order to motivate players the NBA has announced winner of tonight's last game of the season will be declared NBA champion. Ahh, not reallyo_O
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    Possibly more than one player tested positive reportedly. Gobert and another Utah Jazz player or coach. All NBA games suspended indefinitely after tonight's - Kings-Pels last game on schedule this evening. At least March Madness will start in few days with NO FANS in attendance:confused:
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    [Game] Kings v. Raptors 3/8/2019, 6PM PT 9PM ET

    Alex Len will be ready, he always is. "I think that's Alex's second scuffle already, what you would call a fight in today's NBA," Walton said following the 123-111 win. "We love it. We don't want any fights, we don't want anyone to ever get hurt, but we need to play with an edge. The only...
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    [Game] Kings @ Trail Blazers (3/7) - 7PT/10ET

    Alex Len you my man! Kings need you and your no backdown toughness!
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    Boogie come home?

    I suppose might bring Bricklayer back here to help in Kings Fans revival (but doubt it) vote a resounding "don't care."
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    The ONE AND ONLY Luka Doncic discussion thread

    Watching simply amazing just turned 21 year old NBA superstar Luka tonight chalk up another league leading triple double leading Mavs to OT win don't know whether to cry or laugh - how about both. Kings are a well established snakebit franchise for years, decades. Once in a lifetime savior...
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    [NEW] Things that Grant says...

    Peaches would be forced to go on food stamps if that happened! For years dude played poor me card talking to the likes of Brad Miller after game interviews in silly jealous way referencing large "buy me lunch NBA contract." Always been blatantly obvious stuck in Sac so many decades because...
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    2020 All Star Weekend

    How the hell is The Claw's alma mater San Diego State 26-0 and ranked #4 nationally and in line for possible #1 seed in NCAA tourney?o_O
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    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    Good for you. And so it goes.
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    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    49ers 41 Chefs 38
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    Buddy Hield career high 42 points on a night Kings fans who saw it will long remember and #24 will always remember doing it for his idol.
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    Kings @ Timberwolves - Monday, Jan. 27 - 5PT/8ET

    I don't believe I just saw what I just saw! AND I saw Chicago!