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    Vlade definitely deserves credit for his contributions to this team and he doesn’t deserve criticism for the speculation about Bogdan and Haliburton. I was happy with Vlade in the GM job. I like Monte. He was a good hire IMO. Team has played some great basketball so far. Keep on going Kings!
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    [Game] Kings vs. Nuggets, 12/29/20, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

    Just a note. Last night’s game was a real pleasure to watch. This “watching” has been going on for me for 35 years. I know a good one when I see it. Keep on going Kings!
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    Ayy Yo Vinny Basketballerino here

    Spike is back! Good: to see you.
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    Woj: Kings let Bogi go

    Lot of talk about the deal and the “why” of the deal. I just want to report that I’m very sorry to see him go. He was my favorite on t. He team and arguably the best player on the team. Sorry to see him go. Wish him all the best.
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    A personal note

    A decade has gone by. When I joined I had just turned 79 so since I was pushing 80 years of age what better moniker to adopt than “pshn80“. So I did. Now I am less than three weeks from my 90th birthday changing to “pshn90” would be appropriate. Well I’m not going to do it...
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    In case you missed it... (split from VLADE GONE thread)

    Brick, it is so good to hear from you. I still enjoy the nba game but I have to agree that you have it right. PS: I still can’t join you on Cousins.
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    The State of the Kings

    State of the Kings. In my view the team has the talent to build on and our head coach is capable of getting improved play from this crew And those that he will have next season. Let us sit back and enjoy the process and play going into next season. I really enjoyed watching these guys play...
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    Peja To Step Down

    I believe “how the teamACTUALLY FREAKING PLAYS” has been pretty damn good so please revise your support of the proposition that Walton must be fired.
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    I’m sorry to see Vlade go. I like him, I like the players he’s acquired, I like the players on the team now. I respect the decision he has made to resign. I am confident that they will choose good people to replace him and any others that might be gone. I don’t want the team to be “blown...
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    Kings scrimmages televised 7/22 & 7/25

    No game TV or radio broadcast for the July 27 game with the Clippers? Help! Help!
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    What is the #1 Need for the Kings?

    Good health.
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    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    It’s good To hear from you all! Happy birthday!!
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    Kings need to move on from Barnes.

    If Barnes is the biggest problem amongst the starters then the team is in pretty damn good shape.
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    Dear Vlade, Surprise Us. Trade Bogi Today.

    Keep Bogdan, he’s the best all around player on the team, and I sure hope Vlade likes him as well as I do. Money- whatever it takes, pay him.
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    Kings need to move on from Barnes.

    BARNES fits and plays well, is a value able to the team. Don’t trade him. Besides that I like him.