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    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Wednesday, March 14 - 7 PDT

    Yeah, a real gloomy picture. Happily, I see it as quite the opposite. Hey, we won a good one, come join the celebration.
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    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Wednesday, March 14 - 7 PDT

    It s and it will be. Sorry you don’t believe we will improve and maybe even win it all. Don’t sweat the draft until the day it happens.
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    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Wednesday, March 14 - 7 PDT

    Who the hell cares. Zbo s a damn good player and we need those. We were fortunate to get the vets we got. I love seeing them get decent minutes and hope we keep them and play tnem until we get someone better. I’m sorry some of you Lin’s weren’t sitting there with me at the game tonight. It...
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    [Game] Kings @ Nuggets - Sunday, March 10 - 2 PT

    Some of us haven’t given up. Keep on posting. All my favorite players are still riding a bus to the airport and flying to all corners of the country AND playing a basketball game. I’m interested in how it goes and how each one does. I watch the game as it goes and haven’t time to post during...
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    [Game] Kings v. Magic - Friday, March 9 - 7 PT

    Any nformation on Fox’s injury and readiness to play?
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    [Game] Kings v. Pelicans - Wednesday, March 7 - 7 PT

    Zbo/dinosaur/Cuz? Is that wha you’re saying?
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    [Game] Kings v. Nets - Thursday, March 1 - 7 PT

    I w a the game ad Fox, Buddy and Bogdan are clutch and, for the game, Fox was a turnover machine. Have to send part of him back to the minors. We tried hard to lose but just couldn’t. Great win!
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    Harry and Tonto Good movie. First time I’ve seen it.
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    Shut down ZBO for season?

    We have of 15 players. You practically have to play most of them every game. Two thirds of the layers are very limited n experienc. You play you best players in order to win and be a winning team. You play your youth as much as you can to develop them to be contributor on a winning team...
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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Thursday, Feb. 22 - 7 PT

    “Your type of thinking is short sighted and selfish.” True and it is also the nature of the game. You and another team play a basketball game to win. Period. If you lose a lot of games you get a higher pick in the draft. You get a higher pick in the draft because you didn’t perform or win...
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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Thursday, Feb. 22 - 7 PT

    Your math and facts have nothing to do with the game in hand. I expect the players, the caches, the managers, the fans to playing and rooting for a win now.
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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Thursday, Feb. 22 - 7 PT

    No, I’m with her. The difference is such a basic one - there are those that thnk basketball is the thing and there are those that agree but put being a general manager above that. Being a “futures investor” is secondary to enjoying a competitive basketball game. I know there are many who...
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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Thursday, Feb. 22 - 7 PT

    I understand your point, I disagree with you, and I think putting your best foot forward is the best thing for the team, for the young guys and for the fans. I, too, would like to see Bruno and JaKarr play and Skal and Hield play more but what we are doing is best for the team.