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    What is the #1 Need for the Kings?

    Good health.
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    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    It’s good To hear from you all! Happy birthday!!
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    Kings need to move on from Barnes.

    If Barnes is the biggest problem amongst the starters then the team is in pretty damn good shape.
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    Dear Vlade, Surprise Us. Trade Bogi Today.

    Keep Bogdan, he’s the best all around player on the team, and I sure hope Vlade likes him as well as I do. Money- whatever it takes, pay him.
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    Kings need to move on from Barnes.

    BARNES fits and plays well, is a value able to the team. Don’t trade him. Besides that I like him.
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    Kuzma for Bogi Rumor....sigh

    Keep Bogdan.
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    Still defending Vlade? (split from game thread)

    I’ve read most of the posts on this last page. They all are knocking Vlade. I am a great supporter of Vlade as general manager - not as a defender but as a supporter. I have no problem with actions he’s taken. I’m still hoping the injuries subside and is replaced by a little good fortune.
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    Sentimental memories (split from game thread)

    Good to hear from Rainmaker.
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    Soul searching

    It’s all my fault. I was a season ticket holder for 34 years until my 89th birthday this summer. I dropped out because of physical limitations, not for loss of fanhood. I like the players, the coaches, and Vlade too much to let an 0-5 or even an 0-10 start take me out f the games although I...
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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    Pay them both what it takes to keep them. Now is not the time to lose either of t hem. Love is just one ingredient in a contract negotiation. Go Kings!
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    Kenny Thomas vs Jason Thompson

    That’s why I don’t feel the need to say.
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    Do we trade Bogi? (split from FIBA thread)

    No, I doin’t think we should trade Bogdanovic. Not when we have so many players with great potential who need to prove themse
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    Thank you Kosta.

    Good luck, Kosta. I have enjoyed your play and and your presence on the team.
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    Kyle Guy

    I give Vlade’s draft a “B+”. It all looks good to me. Come back in three or four years and we’ll grade again.
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    Malcolm Brogdon is the one

    Keep and use Bogdanovic.