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    [Game] Kings vs. Lakers, 3/3/21, 7pm PST 10pm EST

    Really hope the Kings can win this one. Fox will be the best player on the court tonight by far. A great opportunity for Bagley to take advantage with the Lakers out so many bigs.
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    Basketball is a Contact Sport

    Doesn’t Holmes do this?
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    [Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 1/15/21 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    Who, Giles? He’s been averaging less than 8 mins a game on his new team so his defense can’t be all that special. And hope it isn’t Ariza that you were hinting at either.
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    [Game] Kings vs Rockets, 1/2/2021, 2PM PST, 5PM EST

    Trade him to Phoenix for Kaminsky and Damian Jones (25 yr old former 1st rd pick by GSW).
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    [Game] Kings vs. Suns, 12/26/2020, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

    I think you guys have a really good chance tonight. Y’all seem to be a good 3pt shooting team and Suns have been giving up open looks since summer league, pre season and game 1. Thankfully Mavs were off against us but you guys have some shooters to make us pay. I think Buddy, in particular, will...
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    Welcome Tyrese Haliburton

    This is a crazy good steal for you guys. Congrats, you will love him. Definitely disappointed my Suns didn't take him and hate that he will remain in the division tormenting us for years to come.
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    REPORT: Bogdan Bogdanovic in S&T to Bucks

    I'm not a fan of Bogi because of how dirty he did us back in the day but I think he can really excel in Budenholzer's system. Seems perfectly catered to his strengths.
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    Bagley gets MRI... Again. (He’s OUT)

    Bigs always take a while to develop though. He’s a pretty good rebounder and brings energy. If he has great work ethic then over time he can fill out the rest of his game nicely due to his natural elite athleticism and size. But these injuries, especially foot injuries are concerning for bigs...
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    The ONE AND ONLY Luka Doncic discussion thread

    This nearly did happen. The Warriors has a trade agreed with the Suns for Amare because they wanted to pair Monta and Amare together as they thought that would be a dynamo duo. Suns saw Curry as Nash’s successor and future franchise player. ...all that until that snaky bastard Donnie Nelson...
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    [Game] Kings at Heat - Monday, Jan. 20 - 2PT/5ET
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    [Game] Kings @ Suns - Tuesday, Jan. 7 - 6PT/9ET

    My first post in the last Suns/Kings gameday thread was actually meant for this game. Good game. You guys have some players who don’t quit no matter and play for pride while the Suns besides Booker are full of players that play for only the paycheck. I hope you guys can somehow put together a...
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    Still defending Vlade? (split from game thread) Do you guys think Vlade will uphold his promise of stepping down from the article above?
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    [Game] Kings v. Suns - Saturday, Dec. 28 - 6PT/9ET

    Lol if it makes you feel any better (probably not but still), it certainly didn’t feel like a win for any Suns fan I know. Both teams wanted the other one to win the game.
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    [Game] Kings v. Suns - Saturday, Dec. 28 - 6PT/9ET

    Not even gonna say good game to you guys. That was 2 garbage teams fighting out there like idiots. I honestly think both the Suns and Kings would lose to some college basketball teams. At least the Kings have a valid excuse in having their starting PG and PF both out for the game. Suns were...
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    [Game] Kings v. Suns - Saturday, Dec. 28 - 6PT/9ET

    Congrats on the win. The Suns are the absolute worst team in the league right now and would make any team look amazing. Our team morale has gone to complete poop and our coach is idiotic and has the most stubborn rotations with no regard for the flow of the game. Only bad news for you guys is...