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    KingsFans March Madness Brackets Pick-Em

    sink your free throws kids
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (MAR)

    Papa G signed for rest of the season with Blazers per Woj. Not watching today's game but as of today had yet to see the floor. Because the Kings waived him prior to March 1 he will be playoff eligible which means there is a chance he will taste the playoffs before Cousins :(
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    Watching the kids grow up

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    what was the last movie you watched?

    I have to admit I didn't really love Fury Road either. But that may have been a case of by the time I saw it there was no way it could ever live up.
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    Who do you want, if the Kings pick #6 to #8 overall in the draft?

    One of the bridges, Porter who probably will slide, or JJ. I think at least one or two guys will play themselves into the top 5 and I just have a feeling someone is going to reach on Young and probably regret it. So I expect two guys to fall. It will be interesting to see who they are.
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship (split)

    I was quite content to win under 20 games this season if that's how bad we were. I thought we were that bad. I didn't think so many teams would be actively trying to be as bad as they are. I just draw a line at we should do dumb horrible things to make sure we lose. I don't think it's a lack of...
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    Watching the kids grow up

    See I see it as if we get to where the Nuggets or Portland are then a) we actually get to root for our team every night and b) aren't focused on fantasy every week and c) hopefully be in contention to make meaningful signings or trades rather than shuffling the deck chairs. So yeah, I'm all...
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship (split)

    I was all on the "well we're young and are going to lose a lot" version of the tank. But yeah - this is the point. The idea of playing the kids with vets and getting everyone meaningful reps is that it is better than practice. Throwing 2-3 keepers out with 2-3 garbage players means you may as...
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    March Madness Day 1 to Final 4: Share Your Impressions on Top Prospects and Wannabes!

    He's going to get drafted on potential alone and as long as he's first round it's guaranteed and he's one year closer to his first max deal. I know what you are saying and it may be painful for the team that drafts him to have to wait a year or two for it to pay off and then make a decision on...
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    DeAaron Fox - meeting expectations?

    Saw this on reddit so it must be true: There are only 3 players in the NBA with 5+ FGM in the last 30 seconds of a game. Damian Lillard is 6/12 and Greek Freak has 5 FGM on ~9 shots. Fox is 5/6 (.833FG%).
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    [Game] Kings @ Jazz - Saturday, March 17 - 6 PDT

    I want to win. Let the good times roll. #treadsoff
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    Following 2018 draftees

    This was not a showcase for him, if he wanted to improve his draft stock I think playing was a mistake. If we wind up picking 8th or below and he's there though... ???
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    Watching the kids grow up

    My prediction is one of the top 3 guys is going to be a bust, because that's just usually life in the NBA. We probably will pick somewhere near 7. It's a 6ish player draft but someone is going to reach on a guy that isn't one of those 6. I think we're going to be ok if we get 7 and maybe 8. I...
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    Watching the kids grow up

    I have a feeling whoever we draft will probably look better than whoever is picked immediately on either side of him because we seem to have some direction.
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    Watching the kids grow up

    I like the fact that I just don't see this guy becoming another IT. Whether he becomes the true backup to Fox or a guy who is called in a pinch, I think he's bought in to his role and that's fantastic.