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    Domantas Sabonis Any Questions?

    Vlade was the "God Father" of the Kings Golden Era. Sabonis gives me the same "God Father" vibe and the same unifying presence on the team. He's bringing this team together as a "family" and family always have each others back. Great things can happen when you are willing to run through walls...
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    Monk is the Kings best 6th man since Bobby Jackson. Monk should be is serious consideration for the NBA 6th Man of the Year Award.
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    Will we call up Queta?

    I don't think the Kings will call up Queta until they can move Holmes in a trade. No need to further bury Holmes down the bench. I can see the Kings bringing Queta up after the trade deadline.
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    Vivek, time to extend Monte!

    I would say that it would be important to extend Monte before the trade deadline, so that he will be able wheel and deal without having to worry about his own status. That way he will be making moves in the best interest for the long term success of the team. :) It would also help when he is...
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    Fire Up The Beam!

    Whoever thought up the "Victory Beam" for the Kings deserves a raise! Brilliant marketing move!
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    Mike Brown

    Mike Brown STOLE Golden State's Mojo and brought it with him to Sacramento!
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    [Game] Kings vs. Spurs, 11/17/2022 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    Portland just lost to Brooklyn. The Kings are now only 1.5 games out of the #1 seed in the West!
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    Sasha Watch 2022-2023

    Sasha doesn't look like a SF to me, he looks the part of a stretch 4 in the NBA. I wouldn't be surprised if Sasha comes over next year and takes Barnes spot as a stretch 4 in the lineup. Especially if Barnes prices himself too high.
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    Will The Kings Make The Playoffs?

    Yes, 48 Wins and #6 Seed. They will take the NBA by surprise and advance to the 2nd round! ;)
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    Fire Up The Beam!

    That's awesome! I haven't seen this much enthusiasm and hype at the Kings arena since the glory years! Hopefully this is just the beginning! :)
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    Fire Up The Beam!

    Question: I don't live in NoCal anymore, so how long does the beam stay lit after a Kings victory?
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    [Game] Kings vs. Nets, 11/15/2022 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern (TNT)

    Early in the season, the starters were great, but the bench lagged. Now that the starters are still great and the bench has stepped up big time, the Kings will be hard to beat. The Kings are a legit 10 deep now, could be 11 deep if Holmes can regain form. The Kings have shooters all around...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Nets, 11/15/2022 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern (TNT)

    Adam Silver needs to take notice to what is going to be the best story in the NBA this season.... the renaissance of The Greatest Show on Court Part 2!!! I feel this will be the turning point for this franchise and having the Commish see it first hand can only help!!! There's not going to be a...
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    If the Kings continue on this trajectory and become a perennial playoff team, I'm confident that Domas will re-sign with the Kings. He seems to be enjoying his time and teammates here and I'm confident the Kings will pay what is necessary to retain him when the time comes.
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Haliburton needs to learn to take the high road at this point. The Kings made a decision, because they viewed a Fox-Haliburton backcourt never working out, because both need the ball in their hands to reach their full potential. In a sense, seeing how Fox has flourished after Haliburton was...