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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Wednesday, Dec. 11 - 7PT, 10ET

    Not sure, but they're an 0-fer on my eyeballs.
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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Wednesday, Dec. 11 - 7PT, 10ET

    Wow, pulled that one out of the fire. Didn't particularly look like a win at any point until the very end.
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    Richaun Holmes Appreciation Thread

    I thought we were talking about the roaming the court, not the golf course.
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    The ONE AND ONLY Luka Doncic discussion thread

    Let's just say that Harden is more than a Minor Threat. ;)
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    F***, no!
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    [Game] Kings @ Rockets - Monday, Dec. 9 - 5 PT, 8 ET

    WOW! LOL, did he just say "F*** it, we deserve this win."?
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    NFL 2019/2020

    OMG, Wilson converted a 4th and 18. I still think 16 points in two minutes is too much even for Wilson + Seahawks Luck + Ref Mode to overcome.
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    [Game] Kings @ Mavericks - Sunday, Dec. 8 - 4 PT, 7 ET

    It never hurts to have your starting big men combine for about 75% from the field.
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    NFL 2019/2020

    Great sports day, and spectacular if the Rams hold on!
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    [Game] Kings v. Bulls - Monday, Dec. 2 - 7 PT; 10 ET

    Okay, who let the Kings find out that November is over.
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    [Game] Kings v. Bulls - Monday, Dec. 2 - 7 PT; 10 ET

    I'm experiencing cognitive dissonance from the Kings wearing red against the Bulls.
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    Harrison Barnes and the Hardnose Crew

    Ideally, Bagley and Fox would help a lot with that without losing what's working. We'll find out how good Walton really is when those guys are integrated back in.
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    Luke Walton

    His laid back assuredness was kind of infuriating after the Kings' second mega-blowout loss in Game 3, but it sounds a lot better after the past month of play. They had one flat-out bad game in Brooklyn and Philly wasn't great. In all the other losses, the Kings had a chance to win right to the...
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    NFL 2019/2020

    Anybody have an email address for Robert Saleh?