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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    If I’m Buddy, I’m not buying either of those comps. Oladipo’s deal was signed three years ago, and before he made his latest leap. Brogdon’s is more recent, but he was just coming off of a foot injury that caused him to miss almost two months. I’m using the Barnes contract as a starting point...
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    The NBA and China

    Hopefully this episode, plus the cap spike a few years back that allowed the Warriors to land Durant, convinces everyone that basing the cap off a single year’s projected basketball related income is a bad idea. It should be an average, or something along those lines, to smooth the impacts from...
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    Hollinger 30-win prediction

    Given the rest of what he says about the Kings, calling Fox and Hield backups would have fit right in!
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    Hollinger 30-win prediction

    That doesn’t say backup?
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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    Isn't 4 years an easy call over 5? My understanding is that team can only have two players designated on 5-year rookie extensions at a time, and I'd guess they have those earmarked for Fox and Bagley.
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    Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

    Just to be clear -- and my lawyer brain can't help but to pick these nits -- testimony is evidence. For a jury, even in a civil case, to find the accuser's testimony credible and to determine based on that evidence that it is more likely than not that the accusations are true, would be a...
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    Follow Kings players in FIBA World Cup preparation games

    Always fun to consider this “what if” scenario. Too bad there’s not really a good forum for “international friendlies” to see it happen—at least, a match against the US.
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    Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

    I would not say "regardless of the civil suit outcome," no. Until the civil suit outcome? Maybe. That outcome will not come anytime soon, though.
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    Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

    For those wondering why Tennant did not participate in the investigation, there's a pretty good article by the Bee examining the issue:
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    2019/2020 Schedule release Aug 12 Noon

    I’d be curious to see how much these numbers vary year to year. Lakers and clippers benefit on travel distance by sharing a building, I would guess.
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    2019/2020 Schedule release Aug 12 Noon

    The league is using the Kings to sell League Pass subscriptions.
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    [SPOARTS!] Comments that don't warrant their own thread

    Interesting! Are these events freestyle, or medley relays?
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    Tyler Lydon

    Not sure if this has been reported before.
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    Projected rotation

    Swanigan and Lydon, assuming they make the team, shouldn’t be penciled in for regular rotation minutes, so I wouldn’t worry about them. Still, there are about 12 guys I’d be comfortable with playing regularly. Establishing the rotation will be an interesting puzzle for Walton. Given the depth...