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    SF day trips

    If you’re looking for an outdoors experience, just cross the Golden Gate and head north into the Marin Headlands, Muir Woods, and especially Point Reyes. You can find forested hikes and nice beaches that way (although the beaches can be quite cold!). You could also head south to Half Moon Bay...
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    Following Potential *2020* Draftees

    Sam Vecenie has the Kings taking Topppin at 11 in the mock draft he released at the Athletic today. He’s an interesting prospect, for sure, and could be a nice fit.
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    Rehashing Joerger...again (split)

    The Kings are still paying him, right? But yes, his exit here followed a similar pattern as what transpired in Memphis...
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    Kings need to move on from Barnes.

    I appreciate this. I hope others join him.
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    Athletic Article On the Kings Today

    A lot to digest here. My initial thought is: good. Vivek should be upset. Some will say this is Vivek meddling again, but it’s not meddling to hold your employees accountable when they fail to perform to expectations. I will say I’d rather not have all this come out midseason, though.
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    Youngman speaks out/Organizational handling of injuries (merged)

    I hope the Holmes family doesn’t think the fans are upset with the player in any way.
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    Youngman speaks out/Organizational handling of injuries (merged)

    “The Sacramento Bee has learned that an MRI revealed the tear shortly after Holmes was injured against the Golden State Warriors on Jan. 6. For 35 days, the Kings described the tear only as “an injury to the right shoulder joint” despite repeated requests for clarification from reporters who...
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    What is the #1 Need for the Kings?

    Agreed. I mentioned Monk and Miles Bridges in another thread, who might be similar types of players in terms of potential impact at a discount. You can’t just look at stats that capture their current impact or production, you have to try to “look under the hood,” as you suggest.
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    What is the #1 Need for the Kings?

    Great question. My answer depends on whether we see Bagley long term as a 4 or 5. Unfortunately, we need to see him on the court more to determine that, which is why his injury situation is such a setback for moving forward. Aside from that, I’m thinking a 1/2 combo guard upgrade would be nice...
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    [Trade rumor]Kings offered Bjelica for Kuzma, Lakers want Bogdan instead

    Charlotte would be an interesting trading partner if they’re trying to make a run. They have some young pieces with good pedigrees that have under achieved so far, which is precisely the type of player the Kings should be looking at if they decide to sell. I would love to land Bridges but I...
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    [Game] Kings v. Lakers - Saturday, Feb. 1 - 7PT/10ET

    Kings gave up 81 points in the first half as a tribute to Kobe. How about 8 and 24 for the next two quarters?
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    Youngman speaks out/Organizational handling of injuries (merged)

    There’s more of a strategic reason to be coy about injuries in football, though, right? Only one game a week, so keep your opponent guessing to hamper their preparation as much as possible? Maybe that’s what the Kings think they’re doing...?
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    Pick Watch (aka Tank Talk 2020)

    Constitutional peasants!
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    Bogi for Thybulle? Yes, please!

    that Ringer piece appears to be just recapping what has been reported previously, no? That said, I found it interesting that the author apparently thinks Thybulle wouldn’t be enough for the Kings, and that the Sixers would have to include a pick.
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    Carmichael Dave sparks new conversation

    Marcos Breton also has a fairly scathing column in today’s Bee. We may be hitting a turning point with the local media.