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    [Game] Kings at Hawks, 1/26/2022, 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT

    When Luke was here, the offense was centered around Fox and Holmes. With Luke leaving and Holmes being out so much this season, the offensive focus has changed and Holmes is left to fend for himself.
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    Trade targets

    Wasn't Cousins quoted just this week saying that him and Malone have stayed in contact since he left and he loves the guy?
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    Blow It Up

    Possibly. Ayton would have been a bust. JJJ too.
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    Blow It Up

    All this talk about drafting all stars and what not ignores the fact that these players don't become all stars in a vacuum. So many variables. Drafting in the top 3 may increase the odds of better talent, but the player himself may not be able to overcome the dysfunction of the organization...
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    [Game] Kings at Celtics, 1/25/2022 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET

    Those were the words of a man who's close to breaking. He's fighting it though.
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    Blow It Up

    This team should never have entered the season with Fox, Haliburton, Hield, Davis, Mitchell and Ramsey on the roster. All of these players deserve to play in some fashion. Guaranteed to bury or underdevelop or irritate multiple players on the team and waste the assets you have. Mitchell is 23...
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    Who Is Better: Buddy Hield or Terence Davis?

    Without accounting for potential, an engaged Buddy is better. Buddy spending this season not caring and waiting to be traded has allowed room for this discussion to take place.
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    [Game] Kings at Bucks, 1/22/2022 4pm PT/7pm ET

    Buck's going to force Kings to go small.
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    538 forecast.

    All I know is that if you draft a guy in the top 3, you better play him. If you think the squad you currently have is too good to play your top 3 pick, then you're delusional AND you should have traded the pick you believe you didn't need for a veteran. If you draft BPA in the lottery, but...
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    Fox AND Haliburton??

    Agree with this. It's not his basketball talent. He's the most talented player on the team. However, when you're a #1 option, leadership and personality matter. That's where the impact comes from. He needs to be a leader of men. A player other players want to play hard for or not want to...
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    Fox or Haliburton?

    Yes. Trying to get the Sac fans riled up to put pressure on Monte to make a move.
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    Blow It Up

    James Ham reporting that the Kings are making HB, Holmes and Hield available. Basically, the new core is Fox and Haliburton. This sure sounds like starting over to me.
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    Blow It Up

    Is Sam Amick random? I'm trying to follow
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    Fox or Haliburton?

    It's still a fun time. Most know that tweets and leaks are made to influence the market value of a player or influence perception. It appears that when it comes to the Kings this season, there are so many rumors and leaks as a means of negotiation. To set the asking price for either side. A...
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    Fox or Haliburton?

    Heard that too. My jaw dropped. Kings put it out in the open that Fox was available and there were no takers for what Monte wanted in return. In particular Simmons and Sabonis level players.