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    Off season targets

    My dream off-season would have the Kings landing Myles Turner and Matisse Thybulle while keeping our pick,
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    There is no topic

    Klay’s Goon Squad power is described as “Wet Fire” … and I’m gonna say he’s better off without it, whatever that is.
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    There is no topic

    Space Jam 2 recently released its big bad cartoon monster team “The Goon Squad” featuring stars from the NBA and WNBA. Damian Lillard - Trailblazers Diana Taurasi - Mercury Klay Thompson - Warriors Nneka Ogwumike - Sparks Anthony Davis - Lakers That roster is a lot more functional than the one...
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    NBA Playoffs, Round One

    I agree with every bit of this post with one rather glaring exception. Jimmer’s problem wasn’t that he didn’t get enough shots. It’s that he wasn’t better than the guy picked last in the same draft as him. Also instead of getting Kawhi, who was that mystical unicorn of being both the BPA and...
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    NBA Playoffs, Round One

    While I understand the point you are trying to make, this is 1000% a hindsight hot take. That night, as Commissioner Stern read "With the fourth pick, in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings select ... " the TV showed a split-screen emphasizing the divergent paths in history for our beloved...
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    You’ve managed to get a few episodes ahead of me, despite it being on my “must watch” list in excess of a year. So, not as late as some.
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    NBA Playoffs, Round One

    That’s depressing. I recently realized the Kings last made the playoffs the year before I joined this board. Maybe I’m the problem.
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    NBA Playoffs, Round One

    Your fantasy was already outlandish with imagining the Kings as the 6th seed, so might as well run with it. In other news, the Kings are silly.
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    Gaming Thread!

    Not that I'm anywhere in the universe of getting a PS5, but reports keep telling me Returnal is what Other M should have been. That stings a few different ways.
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    [SPOARTS!] Comments that don't warrant their own thread

    When asked why she would attempt such a difficult skill, when she could win with much easier ones, she said "Because I can" ... while wearing a rhinestone GOAT on her leotard. Biles is the single most dominant athlete of a sport I have ever seen. And, if I can borrow the "pound-for-pound"...
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    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    My birthday falls on Mother’s Day every few years. Very happy this year it coincided with my wife’s first as a mother.
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    What are you listening to?

    I just listened to all of the music posted on this page (including the full album of Treats - Sleigh Bells) and I enjoyed it all.
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    Ah, I see you've now experienced the rabid work of Toshiro Mifune. Being bat-**** crazy was kinda his thing. He brought that same maniacal intensity when he was playing a women's shoe store owner in High and Low. You're right though, the performances in Rashomon can be a tad more "theatrical"...
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    Might interest you to know Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai is a "played-straight" homage or remake of Melville's Le Samourai (aka The Godson), right down to the car key angle, and "birds as messengers" metaphor. The major difference between the two, aside from setting of course, is the...
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    :D Sorry, I got a little film snobby there. @hrdboild explained what I meant perfectly.