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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Oh, yeah. He just hates Doug Christie.:rolleyes:
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    The most resounding point that I keep in mind is that Napear was an opinionated, acerbic talk show host. Smoothness was not his strong suit. The most resounding point is that race was used as the dagger because he hurt the feelings of those he criticized, not because of his racism. In other...
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Look, if race was the issue in the Napear firing, then would it be surprising if the Kings hired a black man to do the broadcasts? That seems to be the direction they're going.
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    General Grant Napear termination discussion

    It's a gross injustice. To use Grant's word: It's "gutless." He shouldn't have to go out this way. The entire KHTK org and the Kings are morally tainted by this, not Grant. Let the thought police control the public spectrum and they'll be coming for you next.
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    NFL Opening, MLB Opening, Where's the NBA?

    NFL opening Sept 10, MLB opening in July, while the NBA is taking the courageous:rolleyes: move of opening their practice facilities for individual workouts. That's the spirit! I'm wondering if the football and baseball leagues are going to give the NBA cover to play games sooner rather than...
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    Sacramento Kings to Open Practice Facility Under New Rules

    WTF did it take so long? They could have done the same thing six weeks ago, easy. What today makes social distance practicing on a basketball court any different than six weeks ago? I can just see the mini-minds at work discussing ad nauseam how many players could be on the floor on the same...
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    Vikings. It's got the medieval time period going for it starting at the end of the 8th century AD, the Norse mythology vs. Christianity conflict, great character development, excellent dialogue, great acting, a character of questionable earthly nature, a seer, fate vs free will, brutality...
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    What are you reading?

    The Plague, by Camus, and The Great Mortality, by Kelly. The Camus book is fiction, the Kelly book is non-fiction. Both are about the plague. Both make the covid virus seem like the common cold. The Black Death in the 14th century killed about one-third of the European population. The...
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    Players getting practice in?

    I don't understand why the Kings can't stagger times at the practice facility for the players. If they are are ultra-risk averse they can have one player at one end of the gym working on his shooting, while the other player is at the opposite end. That would be about 10X the distance of the...
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    If I can live long enough!:D
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    AGAIN, if everybody does what the NBA is doing then everybody needs to go to their cave, preferably in the Yukon, and stay there indefinitely. If you "think" that you "might" have been "remotely" in the "proximity" of someone who "might" have corona, then you and everybody you work with and go...
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    So they suspended work (the game) because a ref was in close proximity to a player (Gobert) that was preliminarily tested positive for coronavirus. I find that incredibly weak. I guess there will be no work done in the USA - indefinitely - according to the NBA. How in the world are you going...
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    If that's the model for this country, then everybody should not go to work, not go to school, not go to the store, go to a cave in the mountains and hibernate indefinitely. Makes no sense.
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    :) Point taken. Maybe the NBA is doing this entirely from some economic motivation. It doesn't make sense to me on a medical basis, however. It would be nice if the NBA could have provided some reasoning behind this drastic action, rather than just drop the mike and walk away.