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    Following 2018 draftees

    Think he is aleeady top 10...and if he gets another back injury he could be outside of the lottery :(
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    Winning culture (split from game thread)

    Yeah me too. I said earlier in the year during a heated tank versis anti tank debate that next year kings fans will all be pretty much on the same page and there will be much more positive discussions
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    Winning culture (split from game thread)

    Outsidr of a vague warning, do we know what the threat was? Ive seen they still play lopez a very short amount of mins. 500k to cuban is a slap on the wrist too. When millions and millions are spent on long shot gambles or just to buy a 2nd round pick, i doubt 500k does anything than...
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    Winning culture (split from game thread)

    There are? I have yet to ever see any consequences for this and would imagine a stern warning would have been announced already if this was true so everyone knows what the potential penalty would be. This is also not first year of tank races and nothing has been done in past so whats different now?
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    Winning culture (split from game thread)

    Vivek gets waaaayyyyy to much crap. In my opinion, he should have a 15 year long leash of fan support just for saving the team, getting new arena built, and being enthusiastic about all things Kings and Sacramento. I love the guy and have eternal appreciation for him keeping our crappy team...
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    Following 2018 draftees

    I think Bagley has pulled to the top of my draft board wish list. New flavor of the week lol. Him and Fox would make a great duo. The positive energy frm thise two guys would be very enjoyable to watch. Chemistry would be fantastic on the Kings.
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    Possible Free agents

    Wish we would see Skal and Fox attempting 5.8 3pters a game
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    Possible Free agents

    Completely agree Gordon on max would be a mistake. In 2 years time it would likely be considered an albatross contract and completely handicap us moving forward
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    Possible Free agents

    Maybe right. I know i wouldn't make any bets on WCS ever being a consistantly top 15 starting center. His mental toughness/focus/grit and seeminly wavering passion and aggression are the biggest flags i have with him and would like to see him moved while he may be seen as valuable now, and...
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    Looking forward past 2019 (split)

    Great post! Id love to put you and a few other posters in a community GM role for the kings
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    The direction of the Carter/Randolph signings

    This is just insanity! Just makes too much sense to ever work in kingsland. Wouldnt want to upset our long history of rebuilding the kings way.
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    [Game] Kings @ Thunder - Monday, March 12 - 5 PT

    Problem with ZBo is he dominates against the crappy team because they dont have the motivation to bang with him.
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    Trade Idea: Would you?

    The only change id make to trade, is id prefer to use our 2021 1st and salary relief as the centerpiece of a deal for a top 10 pick this year. Not sure if that would move the needle enough to make a trade happen, but i would start there and be targeting Mikal or Miles Bridges or Carter...
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    What are you reading?

    Replying to myself, lol because adtwr a few months passes i still love this series. Havent found anything that has pulled me in as much since. Avout a month ago finished Ready Player One...was a fun read with a lot of references to media and the first video games to come out of the 80s...
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship (split)

    I sure hope so and the conspiracy part of my brian can really buy into this haha