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    KF - Offical Fantasy Football League - 2013

    Hey hey! I'm in, this has always been one of my favorite leagues.
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    KF - Official Fantasy Football League - 2011

    Doh, I did receive the renewal. Sorry for the confusion.
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    KF - Official Fantasy Football League - 2011

    Count me back in
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    Rally Downtown next Tuesday, 5-8pm. "Huge Surprise Appearance"

    here you go
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    grant and jerry emotional at the end of tonights game

    Thank You ReinadelosReys!
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    Cowbell no more?

    I saw some cowbells in action, guess it just depends on the section usher. I'm more disheartened that the laker fans had much more energy than the kings fans.
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    (New) KingsFans Daily Fantasy Basketball League (w/ Auction Draft)

    Always wanted to try an auction draft as well, I'll join if there is still room.
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    LeBron James may have a planet-sized ego, BUT...

    Ouuuch to Cleveland
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    KF - Official Fantasy Football League - 2010

    I'll be back as well, didn't get the invite though.
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    Mike Brown Fired

    This should have happen a few seasons ago.... CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired Mike Brown, a source close to the head coach told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher. The Cavaliers had a midnight deadline on Sunday to fire the coach or pay him his full $4.5 million salary for next...
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    LOST Season 6

    I'm happy the way it ended. There is going to be a big void for one hr a week now :(.
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    LOST Season 6

    WOW...that was one damn good episode.
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    tyreke jersey

    Does anybody know where I can find Tyreke's swingmans (home jerseys)?