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    Marvin Bagley and Damian Jones

    Two words : Doug Christie
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    Time to Start Buddy?

    I ended up changing my vote from staying 6th man to replace Hali as a Starter Fox,Buddy,Barnes,Metu(18min), Holmes -starters Hali,Mitchell,Harkless or TD(Depending on if we need Defense or Scoring),Bagley(30min), Len or TT (depending on matchups)-Bench
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    What to do with Bagley?

    Quote from Bobby Marks Twitter: "If Bagley does not start 41 games or plays 2000 minutes this season, his Qualifying Offer for next offseason will drop from $14.8M to $7.3M." This is why you play Marvin heavy non-starter minutes, as a non-starter a team that is interested near the deadline can...
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    Walton fired

    Luke gone? Great first move! Gentry for interim coach- knows the team , has experience, Players hopefully like him. Can ramp up the pace on Offense, Doug can turn the defense up- good second move Fox - wait to see if he can pull out of his slump Buddy - keep him we need his scoring off the...
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    Trade Suggestion: Fox for Simmons + #28

    the reason I included Niang was to balance the salaries so Philly does not increase their luxury tax bill in the trade and also to give us a PF backup off the bench. I would have no problem with the extra roster spot, we could easily waive Woodard (he is only guar $300k next season and only...
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    Trade Suggestion: Fox for Simmons + #28

    So assuming kb02 has me up against the wall with big bat in hand, saying you must trade Fox Here is the only offer I would consider: On Dec 16: DeAaron Fox 28.1m, Marvin Bagley III 11.3m, 2022 1st rd pick(Top ten protected) for Ben Simmons 33.0m, Matisse Thybulle 2.8m, Georges Niang 3.3m...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Hornets, 11/05/21 7pm Pacific, 10 pm Eastern

    I thought it was Lonzo that did all the ducking
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    Some Bagley love..

    But that is my point, Bagley IS worth 7-10 Mil, not 14 Mil As a Bench PF, he can score points, shoot occasional three, With Mitchell, TD, TT, Len we have bench players that can cover for Marvin's poor defense while he can feast against opposing PF from other teams bench. He is not a starter...
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    Some Bagley love..

    if the player is not worth 14 mil, then its just a business move that sets the proper value of the player, not creating a toxic culture
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    Some Bagley love..

    Then the Kings need to make sure he does not start 40 Games and does not play 2000 minutes. Make the $7.2 mil qual offer, and either sign and trade for an asset or Match any offer up to 10mil or He takes the 1 year qual offer letting him get the 14mil qual offer would not be good for the Kings...
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    So with Matt Coleman and DJ Steward cuts (hope they get on Stockton team) There are 16 Regular Roster and 2 2-way spots left, means one more Reg spot has to be cut very soon My best guess would be Emanuel Terry, he has a min contract (Some sort of Exhibit 10 or Exhibit 9?) But I wonder if...
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    Predict the Starting Lineup / Rotation

    Fox, Buddy, Barnes,Bagley, Holmes Start Gotta Start 3B’s until two get traded Mitchell,Hali,Harkless,TT,Len There isnt a Bench in the nba that can outscore these 5 bench players After the buddy,Bagley,picks for Simmons: Fox,Hali,Simmons,Barnes,Holmes Start Mitchell,TD,Harkless,TT,Len Bench
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    Trade Suggestion: Fox for Simmons + #28

    John Wall trade options: Three potential destinations for the former five-time All-Star ( Sixers, Kings Philadelphia receives: John Wall, first-round pick from Houston, first-round pick from Sacramento Houston receives: Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley III Sacramento receives: Ben Simmons...
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    Marvin Bagley will ball out next season!

    Yes!! Bring back Pretty Girls in Grade threads!
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Mitch Richmond Didn't Comb His Hair For One Year Because He Was Upset The Golden State Warriors Traded Him To The Sacramento Kings ( Since when did he have hair?