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    Kayte Christensen-Hunter

    This is a good move. Although we’re all familiar with Kayte, its going to be a different broadcast because Jerry and Doug both brought “kookie” character traits to the job. If Kayte is pressured to be “more funny” or “more entertaining,” this might not go well.
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    Welcome Davion Mitchell

    When the Kings for Ben Simmons trade talk first began, I was happy to hear that the Kings were very interested, but would not be parting with Fox or Hali. Basically any other Kings players could be made available in the hopes of picking up Simmons. But now, at the risk of overvaluing Davion, I’m...
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    Who’s to say she won’t be watching?
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    A sad day indeed. VF was a fan like no other. Condolences to her family and friends.
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    Expectations of Kings' defense, 2021-22

    A team can hide one bad defender who gets major minutes, but not two of them. So how much our defense will improve will depend on if Hield and Bagley are still on the roster and still getting major minutes.
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    WNBA Viability (Broken off from Queta thread)

    Correction: "If they were making enough money it wouldn't have been shutdown." A lot of businesses make money, but still aren't making enough to justify the investment, the cash flow, the risk, etc. Other businesses aren't expected to make money until year 4, 6, 8 or whatever. We all know that...
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    Kings Release New JJ

    I liked his defense, his athleticism and his attitude. But the poor guy couldn't hit two shots in a row to save his life.
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    A bunch of centers

    We are loaded with centers like some other teams are loaded with wings. With Holmes signed, Queta drafted, Thompson acquired, and contracts with Jones and Metu now either guaranteed or partially guaranteed, we've got six centers looking for playing time: Holmes Len Thompson Jones Metu Queta I'm...
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    Kings re-sign Terence Davis to 2 year deal

    Relax. Monte is not going to give away the farm for Davis. I like the Fox, Hali, Mitchell and TD backcourt. A lot. Buddy is now totally expendable, as is Bagley. Let's find a good wing/forward who fits. I'm all done with offensive minded players who can't or won't stay in front of their man, and...
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    It is a good time...

    It is a good time to be a Kings fan. There is usually hope following a draft and trades and free agent signings. But I too think this year is different. When I look at the roster and think that Hield, Bagley (and hopefully Thompson) can get us something decent in return, I’m “feeling alright” as...
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    Welcome threads

    I would prefer that we end the tradition of putting up welcome threads when so many people are just going to tear that player to shreds. If you must, why not tear em up in a more appropriate thread? This is the dark side of social media which I obviously don’t appreciate. Say what you wish...
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    Kings acquire Tristan Thompson for Delon Wright

    Wright has higher value, so this is not Monte’s best day. On the other hand, we’re perhaps not giving Monte credit for trying to trade the backcourt vets (Hield and Wright) that Luke would surely play in front of Davion.
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    Welcome Davion Mitchell

    I'm not even a HB fan, but this is just plain BS. "Most Kings fans despised"? What universe do you live in?
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    Letting Holmes walk.

    I think the writing is on the wall: We’ll offer what we can, but Homes will have other and better offers. Now that Holmes is talking about “taking care of my family,” that’s code for “I’m looking elsewhere.” Unfortunately, if Holmes signs elsewhere, we’ll need to use our mid-level exception on...
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    Bobby Jackson named head coach of the Stockton Kings

    He brought an attitude to the Kings as a player. And it made a difference. We haven’t seen enough of him in a coaching role to know what he brings there. But I’d like to think that the attitude goes where he goes.