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    [Game] Kings v. Hawks - Thursday March 22 - 7 PT

    The game. Good for Justin. He's showing us something. Even if we draft a small forward, Justin is showing us that he can be a valueable member of this team. He has to get stronger, though. Doesn't look like he's made any progress on that front over the course of the season. Fox and Willie were...
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    [Game] Kings v. Hawks - Thursday March 22 - 7 PT

    I doubt the Kings have forgotten that beat-down. Plus we’ll get the win because the hawks want the loss more than us.
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    Willie Cauley-Stein (split from Giles thread)

    I'm not sure he a good passer either. But he does make some nice passes. And then some brain-fart passes that make you wonder if he smokes before games. I'll say this: He's a willing passer who makes some nice passes and will continue to improve in that area. But he also telegraphs his passes...
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    Is Dave Joerger a good coach?

    I get that you're new here, but I find your arguments to be about old stuff that has been discussed here ad nauseam. You're certainly within your rights to talk about whatever you want to talk about (given the rules of the forum). But if you're wondering why some people aren't engaging with you...
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    Is Dave Joerger a good coach?

    While I think Joerger's a very good coach, he does have some problems, and even a change in personnel is not going to make him a great coach. He's going to have to adjust. He's going to have to learn to let the 3's fly instead of pounding it inside. 3's at 40% have become more valuable than...
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    Willie Cauley-Stein (split from Giles thread)

    I more or less agree with Folsomkingsfan. Had high hopes for Willie, but I can't keep saying let's give him time to develop. He's had 3 years. Time's up.
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    Should Bogs "rehab" his hamstring?

    Shut him down. Absolutely no reason to push the envelope.
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    Is Dave Joerger a good coach?

    I was acknowledging for the benefit of those who continue to believe in the perfect coach myth that Joerger isn’t perfect, but he’s really good. Maybe you read what you wanted to read.
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    Favorite Reynolds Quotes

    Jerry: "He's playing with confidence." Grant: "No question about that, Jerry." Jerry: "He's shooting the ball with confidence." Grant: "No question about it." Jerry: "He's too big and too fast. They can't stop him." Grant: "Well, they just stopped him, Jerry."
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    [Game] Kings v. Pistons - Monday, March 19 - 7 PDT

    All that is true, but he also is a big baby. I can't stand him because of his attitude. I dislike him so bad that if he were a King, I wouldn't be a Kings fan. And anyone who feels a need to remind me that he's a 20+10 player, just take a deep breath and give me a break.
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    Is Dave Joerger a good coach?

    Joerger is not perfect, but he and Malone are the best we've had since RA. And we need stability as much as anything at this point, so Joerger's the guy we win or lose with. Hopefully, some of his outdated characteristics will fade away and he'll improve as the youngsters improve. We didn't get...
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    Is tanking "cheating"? (split from Bizarro thread)

    I must say, this is beginning to feel like a waste of precious time. I’ve criticized tanking in the past, but this year I chose to embrace losing for the obvious benefits of a better draft pick and the development of our promising youngsters. But our youngsters are doing better than I expected...
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    Winning culture (split from game thread)

    Man, it’s depreasing reading your posts. Don’t you depress yourself? Why? I know I can block you, but I don’t want to block anybody. Just want to read and post without feeling like there’s no hope whatsoever. I could spend time with relatives if I wanted to feel that way.
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    DeAaron Fox - meeting expectations?

    When I read about the low expectations that some of you have with Fox, it makes me chuckle. I get it; you don't want to set yourself up and be disappointed. Or worse, be seen as the guy who thought [insert player name here] was going to be great. This board is full of all kinds and that's what...
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    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Wednesday, March 14 - 7 PDT

    Skal? I hope the youngsters get lots of minutes and play aggressively. I hope the vets are back in their part-time support roles. I don't wanna tank and play day-laborers. I wanna build for the future. Go Kings!