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    I'm flying in from Hawaii to watch this basketball thing of which you speak. Kings v. Nuggets. Should be a good game. GO KINGS!
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    2019/2020 Schedule release Aug 12 Noon

    The festivus schedule for us doesn't seem too bad, though. From Dec 23 to Jan 6, we only have one away game in Denver. All else during that time period is at G1C.
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    2019/2020 Schedule release Aug 12 Noon

    I hate it. This is the NBA, and that is LBJ/LA. Sometimes, that's just the way the brownie bakes.
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    If it wasn't for the Lakers, the Kings wouldn't have gotten Fox.

    So basically, we won that trade.
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    Project the final roster

    Very similar to what I was thinking... I'm hoping Brewer gets picked up for that 13th spot. I'm assuming the new JJ and another young player gets the last two spots.
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    Retro jerseys

    These are clean. Once they are available, I'm getting one. They got me.
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    Corey Joseph

    He retired... something about Jehovah's Witnesses...
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    Steven Adams?

    Just read that OKC is making him available (along with others) in order to free up salary cap space? Is the majority still thinking he's too much of an old school type center and not a good fit for us? Or have thoughts changed and why? I maintain that his toughness, experience, and knowledge...
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    Listening to Kings on NBA ALP

    Thanks! I can't wait for next season to start! Haha
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    Kings reported to not pursue Vuc

    So we plan on keeping WCS? I wonder what the plan or potential options are.
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    Listening to Kings on NBA ALP

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with NBA Audio League Pass. I was thinking of getting it for next season. I was wondering around how much it costs. I was also wondering if it would be blacked out for my location in Hawaii (since watching the games live via the regular LP is blacked...
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    Fox as a finalist for MIP!

    Let's go FOX!!!!!!!!
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    Steven Adams?

    I was just browsing around and came across these links:
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    Comcast Sports Net announces changes to TV coverage

    I agree... it wouldn't make any sense to black out Kings games in Hawaii... but when I go to the NBA LP website to sign up, both LA teams and Sacramento are greyed out saying they will be blacked out. Maybe the Kings have some sort of television rights to Hawaii and I'm just not aware of what...
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    Comcast Sports Net announces changes to TV coverage

    Ok, thanks for the advice. I'm not sure how likely that is considering I'm in HI.. but worth a try I guess. Thanks again!