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    Who are your picks if the Kings win a top 3 pick in the Draft Lottery?

    The thing with Porter is that all he really offers (at this point) is scoring and if that doesn't translate to the NBA then I don't know what kind of player he can be. And beyond the injury there are reasons for concern - namely his good but not great physical tools, subpar handling for a...
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    Who do you want, if the Kings pick #6 to #8 overall in the draft?

    Trae Young seems like such an obvious Vivek pick . . . Personally, of the guys likely to be there at 7 or 8 I like Wendall Carter and Mikal Bridges.
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    Is Dave Joerger a good coach?

    Part of every scouting report on the Kings is going to be to overplay the lob from Bogdanovic to Cauley-Stein. Similarly, it will say to go under screens against Fox, to play Cauley-Stein to spin when coming down the lane, to expect Hield to shoot more off the dribble than off the screen, to...
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    Following 2018 draftees

    Bamba's ideal fit (if he's willing to accept the role) is as a Clint Capela type player. Rebound, defend the rim, and on offense be inside for dump offs or set picks and roll hard to the hoop. He can be a bigger defensive anchor than Capela but he'll take a while to get anywhere near as...
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    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    All of what you just mentioned is why I'd likely take Ayton with the first pick. For all the concern about his motor/motivation he's looked unstoppable at the college level. But while all bigs have a learning curve on the defensive end, it's Ayton's anemic block numbers that concern me. Only his...
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    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    Ayton has yet to show me that he can anchor a defense. Right now he's like a center version of Wiggins - all the physical tools in the world and on paper he SHOULD be a great defender and yet he's barely mediocre. That's a huge concern to me. If a dominant big man is to still be a centerpiece...
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    Kings waiving papa morphed into Vlade sucks

    Honestly, I liked Wade Baldwin and Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot with DeJounte Murray being the one I was highest on. A lot of us liked Baldwin and he left the league faster than Papa. But Murray at 22 still would have been my pick over Richardson. I was furious with the Papagiannis pick and upset...
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    2018 draft fits with this team

    I'm high on Jackson. 3&D PF with fantastic defense and the chance to grow into a lot more . Right now both he and Bamba currently have block rates that are better than the freshman block rates of any big man taken in the top 10 in the last decade. If they stay at their current levels they'd...
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    2018 draft fits with this team

    My only concern with Bagley (and it's a big one) is that I don't know that he's a good fit in today's NBA. He's too small to play center (which positionally would be the best fit) and he needs to refine his skills (especially perimeter skills) to play PF.
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    2018 draft fits with this team

    I don't see the Magic trading up to get Young. I think they'd realize that in this draft he's a reach at #1. But he may also be the best fit. That was my only point - that different teams will value guys differently. Personally I love Mo Bamba. But does he make sense for a Kings team that...
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    2018 draft fits with this team

    Porter will have an uphill battle to go first or second coming off a season ending injury and not having any college game film. Now that's mitigated a bit by the fact that he's got more HS game tape than almost any other prospect I can think of in the last five years. But unless he's fully...
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    [Game] Kings @ Hornets - Monday, Jan. 22 - 4 PT

    Quick question - without checking the box score, who had the best +/- and who had the worst? I was not at all surprised by the answers. The kids looked good. Jackson continues to struggle which is a bit concerning for one of the older rookies but he has all the earmarks of being a solid role...
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    The Official: Start Bogdan and WCS together thread

    I would have preferred bringing back Collision and was hoping for Teodosic but I was happy with the Hill signing. But he's been a huge disappointment. Why Joerger keeps him as a starter I'll never know. The Kings starting unit has dug a lot of holes for the bench and Hill is a big reason why.
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    [Grades] Grades and/or post-game discussion - Kings @ Cavs 12/6

    The Kings need a stretch four. If Fox was the pick at five then I was thinking Markkanen would be a great fit at 10. Had he not gone before then I think that would've been the pick. As it turns out Kuzma looks like as good or better as a stretch four. Fox Bogdanovic/Hield Porter Jr...
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    [Grades] Grades and/or post-game discussion - Kings @ Cavs 12/6

    My concern with De'Aaron still revolves completely around his shot. He's a decent finisher at the rim (and will improve as he gets stronger), he's as quick as advertised, he's shown better court vision/awareness than I expected and he has the right mindset with leadership traits. But the...