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    Favorite Reynolds Quotes

    I like Jerry. He just agrees with whatever Grant says to keep the peace but he is way more of a homer than he acts when he's next to Grant.
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    Is Dave Joerger a good coach?

    I voted C but he really needs more time to be properly graded. I give him kudos because the players seem to really like him, he says the right things and the players play hard for him up until the final buzzer. My complaints are his archaic offense, love of ZBo and player utilization...
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    Following 2018 draftees

    He has fairly narrow shoulders for a guy his size. Doesn't really have a wide body. He's obviously not Skal small and he has the frame to fill out better than Skal does but he's still in the bottom 10% as far as centers go. He's just going to have to take the Al Horford route against bigger...
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    [Game] Kings v. Pistons - Monday, March 19 - 7 PDT

    Hield played well again. Continues to show his quick improvement in the pick and roll. Defense was meh most the time but he always puts in the effort on that end. I'd say he played average basketball. Put points on the board but basically gave up the same amount as well. Fox had one of his...
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    Harry Giles article: By, Harry Giles

    Agreed. They can't wait either. Have to decide by this offseason because he won't have any value as a half year rental next year.
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    Who do you want, if the Kings pick #6 to #8 overall in the draft?

    He rebounds at the same rate as Buddy Hield. I wouldn't say it's a strength at this point.
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    Following 2018 draftees

    Obviously we are just guessing here but I don't think he will ever be as good as Jokic offensively. Jokic is a huge anomaly, especially in the passing game. Most comparisons for Carter are with Al Horford, which I think is the most spot on comparison for any of the lottery picks. Carter...
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    Is tanking "cheating"? (split from Bizarro thread)

    I personally don't think that tanking is cheating. I just think that if you are the type that considers it cheating, then you have to call your very own Kings a cheating franchise. People can justify it however they want but in the end, the best possible lineups haven't been used the most by...
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    Following 2018 draftees

    Yeah the Warriors run it to perfection. It's just I don't know if I'd want to copy that. Draymond is probably the best passing big man in the game. Klay and Steph are probably the two best shooters of all time and Durant is well...Durant. Draymond's turnover rate was roughly the same as Carter's...
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    Is tanking "cheating"? (split from Bizarro thread)

    For the people that think tanking is cheating. Do you consider the Kings a cheating franchise? Because they tanked at the end of last year and they've been mildly tanking this year.
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    Following 2018 draftees

    He's like the center version of a pass first point guard. When he gets the ball, he's immediately looking to find the open man instead of looking to get his shot off. His turnover rate is the highest of the big men in the lottery (actually it looks like Jaren Jackson Jr's is slightly higher) but...
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    Are Top 5 picks that much better? (split)

    We also have to take into account the type of all stars. Kevin Durant is an all star but so is Goran Dragic. I think something a little more statistically advanced than just "all star" may be needed but I don't know how to go about finding it. Maybe twslam knows how to whip something up?
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    Watching the kids grow up

    He's been really good at reading the pick and roll with Koufos lately. I don't know if Bogdan has been spending time with him or what but his pick and roll passes have been fantastic lately. His shooting doesn't surprise me because he's a top tier shooter but the ball distribution has been a...
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    Watching the kids grow up

    I think you're a bit bullish on Mason and a little on Fox. If the worst Mason becomes is Raymond Felton, then we made a great pick. Patty Mills is a pretty darn good player. I think that's about Mason's ceiling in my opinion. Fox has a way to go to become Marbury. He was a pretty solid player...
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    Following 2018 draftees

    I haven't paid close enough attention to Mikal to know how he does guarding larger players. Although in college it's hard to find players that are bigger and faster than him so it's tough to gauge that until he gets into the NBA. The good is that he has a 7'2" wingspan. The bad is his weight. I...