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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2017-18

    Woohoo! another year of fantasy!
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    Welcome (Back) Tyreke Evans!

    Reke just said on the Facebook Live interview that the reason behind #32 is in honor of his boy Fransisco Garcia! haha
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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2015-16

    Hmm, I don't remember getting an invitation. Perhaps it was lost in my inbox somewhere.
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    DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay to the Celtics for .......

    This really doesn't make any sense for us...and all the sense for the Celtics.
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    Welcome Garrett Temple!

    This is ridiculous. I was ok with Afflalo. This guy really hasn't done much in the league and he's 30 years old. This truly doesn't make any sense...
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (OCT/NOV)

    The Greek freak looks like he is gonna break out this season. 22.7/8.7/2.3/ 58% FG/42% 3p / 83.8% FT this season so far. Plus averaging a block and steal. Stats might drop off as the season goes on but very impressive so far for a 20 year old.
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    [OBIT] Flip Saunders reported dead at 60

    Wow. All of a sudden! I didn't even know he had cancer! RIP.
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    2015-16 KingsFans Fantasy Basketball - Daily/Auction

    I'll give this one a shot as well. Can you send an invite? Thx.
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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2014

    I wanna draft. :-( It's part of the fun!
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    Are you a big fan of James Harden as the next superstar shooting guard?

    I like Jimmy Butler more. Defense first, then offense.
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    I say we Lin. Jeremy Lin!!! EDIT: Of course I kid. Darren Collison is Lin 2.0. The Celtics and Sixers have the right idea right now. Then again they don't have a Superstar like ours. I'd like to tank but if we did, I'm afraid Cousins may not be on board with it and may end up asking for a...
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    Kings fans near and far - sign in please

    Born in South Korea, raised in Stockton, and current whereabouts unknown in a distant land. Kings fan since 98 since that playoffs series against the Jazz.
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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2014

    Damn it Westbrook!
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    2014-15 KingsFans Fantasy Basketball - Daily/Auction

    Is it too late? I'll join lol
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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2014

    This is gonna be my year! I can FEEL it!