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    Wanted: 4 lower level tickets vs Suns, Sunday 3/20

    My family is looking for 4 lower level tickets for this Sunday's game vs. the Suns. Anyone looking to sell their tickets to a nice family who hasn't been to a game in awhile?
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    California Classic - Tuesday, July 3 - looking for tix

    Does anyone have some tickets for July 3 in the lower bowl they'd like to part with? Thanks!
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    Boogie Says Goodbye (merged)

    Tough to watch... Carmichael Dave Verified account ‏@CarmichaelDave My friend got transferred to another city because of his job. He had some things to say. Rough to watch.
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    Season Ticket Price Increases?

    My tix (center court, upper part of the lower bowl) went up about 8%. Like John Galt, I've got to check with my ticket partner to see if we're still in. It's a really tough decision as reselling tix this year has been difficult at times. We may actually team up with a STH near us to split one...
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    Front office disconnect

    I am 100% with you on this.
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    Official PDA live radio thread

    I missed this part earlier and still haven't (won't?) listen to the interview. Did he really respond that way to #7?? If so, I'm PISSED OFF. My ticket partner and I were SO excited to get season tickets after the team was saved. Her parents had season tickets back in the day and we couldn't...
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    Questions for PDA

    This fan base has endured wasted season after wasted season and a never ending coaching carousel. Were you fully aware of this history before making your recent decisions?
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    Questions for PDA

    STH renewals are due in January. What is your plan in the next month to reassure your STH's that this organization is stable, seeking a long-term coach, and concerned about retaining and building around current talent?
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    PDA reaches out to Carmichael Dave on Twitter

    I'm interested, but super skeptical. If I hear any more "trust us, there's a plan, Corbin is our guy right now, etc." I'll completely freak out. I just can't take that kind of fluff anymore.
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    PDA reaches out to Carmichael Dave on Twitter

    She must have deleted the tweet...saw it just a little while ago. She asked him if he would come on Grant's show on Monday or Tuesday.
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    PDA reaches out to Carmichael Dave on Twitter

    Jodi Bacon has reached out to him on behalf of Grant, too.
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    Corbin already signed for remainder of year?

    This sure smells of a Corbin-to-Mullin transition in the offseason. Terrible.
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    Corbin already signed for remainder of year?

    I don't know what to say. This is unbelievable.
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    [Grades] Grades v. Warriors 12/22/2014

    This is starting to make me ill...
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    George Karl, Mark Jackson or ??? (merged)

    Great piece written by Ailene Voisin on the no-brainer hire of George Karl: