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    Raptors deal Kapono to Sixers

    With Speights up and coming, and Jason Smith returning from injury, the Sixers didn't really need Evans. This trade addresses needs for both teams. Pretty even deal.
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    American Idol 2009! Rank your favorites!

    1. Adam 2. Allison 3. Anoop 4. Matt 5. Kris 6. Danny 7. Lil 8. Scott Adam's performance:
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    Grades v. Suns 03/29

    Rory Sparrow FTW.
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    American Idol 2009! Rank your favorites!

    1. Adam 2. Allison --------- 3. Kris 4. Matt 5. Lil 6. Anoop 7. Danny --------- 8. Scott 9. Megan
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    Interesting Mikki Moore quote

    Exactly. Mikki should've thanked Nenad Krstic's knee in an exit interview; it's the only reason he's still in the league.
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    Drew Gooden Big Time Thank You Thread

    I should buy a Drew Gooden jersey from the NBA store, in tribute. It may become a collector's item some day.
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    Ugliest NBA Players

    While probably not the ugliest NBA player, he is probably one of the scariest: Anthony Mason
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    Report: Sam Cassell is a King

    The Celtics probably did this to clear a roster spot. Players waived after March 1 are ineligible to be on the playoff roster on any team which signs him for the remainder of the season. I'm not sure if or how that applies to Sam, but I wouldn't expect to see him in a Celtics uniform again.
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    The 25 Most Commonly Misspelled Words

    Your quiz results Your score is: 25 points out of a possible 27 That is 93 % -- Excellent!
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    Spencer Hawes compared to the rest of the 2007 nba draft class

    How I would draft: 1) Greg Oden 2) Kevin Durant 3) Al Horford 4) Spencer Hawes 5) Thaddeus Young 6) Ramon Sessions 7) Al Thornton 8) Rudy Fernandez 9) Rodney Stuckey 10) Jeff Green 11) Wilson Chandler 12) Nick Young 13) Marc Gasol 14) Carl Landry
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    Miller to Miami?

    Miller and Salmons for Marion would be great. Hawes and Thompson both start, Marion is a stopgap at SF for the rest of the season. It cuts into available minutes for Garcia and Greene, but only temporarily.
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    now is the time to trade salmons

    Toronto could use Salmons, but I don't think they have the salaries to match, unless the Kings wanted to take back Kris Humphries. They'd trade Joey Graham in a heartbeat, probably Roko Ukic too, but not Jamario Moon or Will Solomon as well. They'd be left with either no backup wingman, or only...
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    Randolph to the Clippers!

    Brand has more skill with his back to the basket, but Randolph isn't shabby. He likes to take lots of jump shots, though. However, Randolph doesn't play any defense whatsoever. Kaman may get some blocks, but he's not a great defender, either.
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    Randolph to the Clippers!

    I think this means that Kaman is out for another guard. Starting Kaman and Randolph would be a horrible combination, almost as bad as Randolph and Eddy Curry. They may wait until after Dec. 15, however, which is when players they signed in the off-season can be traded.
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    When does Miller become expendable?

    Trade Miller now, start Hawes and Thompson at the power positions, Mikki or Shelden Williams becomes the new backup center. If some of the other long-term contracts (Salmons, Udrih, Garcia) can be packaged with Miller, great. There's no need to wait until Hawes (hopefully) becomes a better...