Why Reynolds believes Kings trading for LaVine makes sense

The only way I can see LaVine working out in Sacramento is if he could play SF. I would also want a sweetener included like Patrick Williams or Alex Caruso to take on LaVine's salary in the trade.


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Nope. He even said that he wouldn't include real value. If the Kings were able to turn Huerter/Barnes into LaVine, and he came back at even 65% of his all star self this is one of those potential franchise turning moves. If it doesn't work? Well, might still be better than 46-48 wins and probably not worse.
I’m not opposed to it. Especially if the Kings end up losing Monk. Less interested if Monk returns.

Kings need another scorer that can create his own shot and have big scoring games though. It can be Keegan but it might not be..and most guys don’t really hit their full stride until the second contracts anyway.

Somebody you can expect it from every night. Not a revolving door of maybe Barnes, maybe Keegan, maybe Huerter, or just as likely nobody else at all.

Lavine can be that guy without the Kings having to move anybody they want long term or draft picks. It may even come with sweeteners from Chicago.

But I’m feeling desperate for a splash. At the mid point I would’ve said no way to LaVine since I fear he may be on the downswing, he’s almost 30 and he’s always been injury prone…but the Kings needs are quite glaring and the avenues to address them without touching our core is limited.