[SPOARTS!] Comments that don't warrant their own thread

What a great sports moment and personal comeback at the Masters today! Loved every moment of it. I can’t explain how happy and excited I am to have seen Tiger return to the top of that mountain. Even better was the fact that he won his 1st major when trailing entering the final round. So it was historic in more than one way.
That was pretty damn amazing. Probably the best sports moment IMO since the Cavs coming back from 3-1 against the 73 win Warriors.
I can't say that I share in your level of excitement. I acknowledge the history of it, but I mostly just wanted to post that clip.
I get it. He’s become a very flawed dude. But he’s 5 years younger than me and I kinda sorta watched him grow up when he first started making headlines at Stanford. He’s the reason I really got into watching the sport. Before him I watched, but far more casually.

I have so many memories of Tiger dominating fields that it was good to see the new generation get a small taste of what he used to bring to the table. No domination, of course, but all the other golfers knew where he was. And it’s nice to see the guy turn his life around a bit after all the set backs and self-inflicted wounds.

But for those that are indifferent or just flat out don’t care for him, I get why today didn’t peak interest. That’s exactly how I feel toward Mickelson.