[Game] Kings vs. Warriors - 4/16/2024 (Play-In Tournament) - 7:00PM PDT/10:00PM EDT (TNT)

Which Kings team will we see tomorrow night?

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That's actually false dilemma. There are numerous ways to put in offense in motion to take advantage of an open passer. Having a blue average jump shooter miss time after time again just because he's open is insane.
It's a good shot in my book 15-20 footer with no1 within 5-10 feet of him. He could make that shot.
Kerr going with Moody and Kuminga is smart. This is the Kings weakness. They need a F that can match athletic ability and size like that. Keegan can't do it all by himself. Heck, he's not even guarding them anyway, he's on G's.
The Kings have to keep looking to attack the dribble. That Wiggins/Kuminga pick and roll is everything that makes the Kings get rolled over by teams like the Pels.
Sabonis playing stupid and emotional again. Stopped running plays for Keegan. Fox chucking up threes.
We have let them back in this game because of some stupid play. Curry is about to light us up in the second half. We’ve seen this movie before. Idiots man.
Kings fast break execution hurting them…again

Having numbers and dribbling it off your foot sums up the season.

Points off turnovers and second chance points should be way higher.

Bright side is the defense has been very good…so far

But we’ve seen the third quarter all season
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