Kings 2020 NBA Draft targets: Why R.J. Hampton could fit big need

Not sure how to take this. With the old front office, if Ham was reporting on Haliburton and Hampton we would know—OK, Vlade is going to take Haliburton if slips and plan B is Hampton. Because Ham does absolutely zero leg work on prospects and only reports on who Doug clues him in on. And Doug was going straight to Vlade and Peja.

Now, I assume Ham is just piggybacking off Vecenie and KOC, both of whom are susceptible to sweet Instagram videos—KOC more than Vecenie. Actually, KOC still seems to be overawed by his newfound access and buys anything one of these private coaches tells him. Most of these gurus are LA based, where KOC and The Ringer are, and KOC trips all over himself anytime he gets invited to UCLA or Crossroads for a private workout. You can always tell he got an invite when he jumps a prospect 7+ spots during the draft run up. Simmons will usually make fun of him for it after the draft. Hampton would be that player for KOC this year.