KF - Official Fantasy Football League - 2021

I would like to know if you guys plan on playing. There is only 8 of us and for the last couple of years, I have asked if anyone else would like to join and there are no takers.

I don't mind to keep doing this league. I just want to know if there are still people interested BEFORE, I renew the league.
I'm still in.

Although I think there are only 6 of us right now. There are two teams that haven't logged in for a couple years and should probably be removed.
I apologize for this being at the last minute, however does anyone want to take over the league. I sent someone a message via Kingsfans 4 or 5 days ago and that person has not responded.

If you do take over, you will need to create a new league as there are only 6 people left in this league.

I will still play, however, I just have a lot on my plate.