James Ham joins ESPN 1320 as Kings Insider

what's the story with 1320 I saw they seem to be having some drama with CD on twitter?
If I had to guess (I am, not checking any of it) they probably had an opinion and CD didn't like it so he probably threw a passive aggressive fit or something. Dude lives on twitter and has embraced it fully.
It has a lot more to do than a golf tournament and difference of opinions. Guess you missed the Monte press conference from a week or so ago. It was very interesting to hear what went on toward the end of it.

I'm assuming the other was hired as a freelancer and not full-time or part-time. I could be wrong though but not surprised with the news as I said earlier the Athletic usually hires those with newspaper experience and from what has been reported they are losing so much money. Opportunities in sports media are limited and even more so in Sacramento. There really isn't much money to be made in this industry especially in blogging, podcasting and posting YouTube videos. Covering the Kings in Sacramento you can expect not much to be made and forget about a decent retirement or medical/dental benefits. You know the things we strive for to have a better life.

It is crazy to know that some did make some money off of publishing videos on YouTube but those who did I have never heard of or watched their content.